10 Things Your Kids Need To Do In 2014

New Year's Resolutions for kids

From our friends over at Mommyish!

Resolutions are really wasted on us parents, as we are all pretty perfect. You know who really needs to resolve to improve in 2014? The little people we gave birth to. Below is a whole list of things that our kids can resolve to do better in the New Year.

1. To stop leaving a few crumbs in the cereal box

Froot Loops- Wikipedia

What sort of monster leaves three sad Froot Loops in the bottom of the box and opens up a new box of cereal? Your kiddo. I am not sure who is supposed to consume the sad cereal dust at the bottom of the box, but your kids assume the magical pantry cleaning fairy will deal with this while they happily tear through a new box of Cookie Crisp.

2. To stop asking us questions the second we get on the phone 


If you ever want to get your kid’s attention, make a long distance phone call. It doesn’t matter how old your kid is…you will never be as fascinating to them, nor will they ever need to ask you something important, or demand your attention, as much as they will the second you try to make a phone call.

For more things your kids need to do in 2014, please visit Mommyish.

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