Jenny McCarthy Slams “Inaccurate” Reports That Son Was Misdiagnosed

The View star Jenny McCarthy is slamming reports that her son Evan, 11, doesn’t have autism. On Friday, a 2010 article stating that Evan was likely misdiagnosed resurfaced.

“Stories circulating online, claiming that I said my son Evan may not have autism after all, are blatantly inaccurate and completely ridiculous,” McCarthy tweeted on January 3.

“Evan was diagnosed with autism by the Autism Evaluation Clinic at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital and was confirmed by the State of California (through their Regional Center).” she continued. “The implication that I have changed my position, that my child was not initially diagnosed with autism (and instead may suffer from Landau-Kleffner Syndrome), is both irresponsible and inaccurate.”

She added: “These stories cite a ‘new’ Time Magazine interview with me, which was actually published in 2010, that never contained any such statements by me. Continued misrepresentations, such as these, only serve to open wounds of the many families who are courageously dealing with this disorder. Please know that I am taking every legal measure necessary to set this straight.”

While McCarthy says that Evan was not misdiagnosed, she claims that he has “recovered” from autism.

For more on Evan’s “recovery,” and to read the controversial 2010 article in its entirety, click here.

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  • Jessica

    Shes so dumb. I’m sorry.. But her son was not cured from Autism. If that were the case I’m sure every dr would be studying him so other kids can get cured. She is way too ridiculous if she thinks that is true. He may have become a high functioning autistic child with the help of therapies but you can’t be cured. Ugh.

    • anon

      We are talking about the same woman who believes that vaccines cause autism. Not exactly the brightest bulb in the box.

    • @Kinky

      Agreed and people have been saying that her claim where Inaccurate from day one so why years later is she making a statement. It seem that she just seeking attention and using this a away to get people talking about her.

    • mickey

      So right! It’s like claiming that your kid recoveredfrom Down syndrome. It’s just not possible.

  • lauran

    She has helped the autism world so much. Love her and her books.

    • Anonymous

      I hope that’s was scream if not than you just as dumb as she is.

      • Mel

        Really? By your grammatical inaccuracies, I would say YOU are the one that is not too bright.

  • Dr. K

    Being apart, and fully on board with the anti-vax movement, I fully encourage Ms. McCarthy to continue to use her platform to expose the truth vaccines, the fact that they are extremely unscientific, and quite dangerous. Educate yourselves. Do the research.

    • Lauren

      LOL.. Really Dr. K?
      I’m sorry but you can do what you want in regards to vaccinating your children or not.. but until you have seen children dying of preventable diseases, you can’t possibly state they are unscientific. YOU DO research. Vaccines have protected from many diseases and the reasons you don’t see some of these anymore is because these vaccines exist. There was a huge measles outbreak at a church in texas that the leader of the church urged against vaccinating and guess what.. someone went out of country, came back as they were exposed to it while traveling (they never actually got the measles but since exposed to it, brought it upon the hundreds of unvaccinated people at the church. THAT is why we should vaccinate. They are not dangerous. Sure they have their faults, but I for one will not be making my children suffer from a disease they could get and die from. I urge you to maybe visit a 3rd world country like I have and maybe that will change your mind.
      Check Dr Sears delayed/selective vaccine schedule. That is the best route to go. Vaccinating but vaccinating safely and slowly.

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ her getting mad over “blatantly inaccurate and completely ridiculous” accusations! Kind of like “Vaccines cause autism” and “Autism is curable!”

    Her son isn’t cured of anything, it’s simply her in denial. The few times he has appeared in public, you can tell he isn’t neurotypical.

  • Gemi

    Maybe this is a lie.

    However, I hope she suffers for the hundreds of deaths she’s caused by opening her uneducated and ignorant mouth.

    • Anon

      This woman is entitled to her opinion. If she thinks that vaccines caused her son’s problems, then so be it.

      It’s the idiots who would listen to her, and take medical advice from her, that are to blame for any damage caused.

      Seriously, would YOU take medical advice from a Playboy centerfold? C’mon………….

      • lauran

        She’s a mom not a playboy centerfold her whole life. Count me among the idiots whom take her advice for my own kiddos.

        • Anon

          She has no medical education, no background in neurological disorders. But she had a kid with a problem and you think she’s now more of an expert than actual experts?

          Ok, fool, but don’t come crying to a medical facility when your kid is dead of polio or measles.

          The only thing you have going for you is that you recognize that you’re an idiot who takes medical advice from a model/actress. Sad. Truly sad.

        • Mel

          Agreed. Can you pro vaxxers tell me just how an injection of poison into a little body that contains aluminum, egg protein, formaldehyde, MSG, thimerosal, aborted fetal tissue, rhesus monkey DNA etc. etc. etc and on and on…………tell me exactly how that vaccinates a kid from childhood diseases? Tell me, give me the science. Exactly. You don’t even understand the process yourself! Big pharma and our government are full of crap!

          • Jessica

            Lol Mel, you’re very ignorant.
            You may think their ingredients are bizarre and unnecessary but they are obviously working in fighting the diseases off. You want to know why first world countries people aren’t suffering and dying like the continent of Africa and other 3rd world countries.. BECAUSE OF VACCINES!!! Good grief. You don’t have to be for vaccinating but don’t sit there and say its not necessary and it’s all the government. You just look like a fool. The ONLY shot in my opinion that isn’t always necessary is the flu shot since there is soo many different strands you can still end up with anther strand of flu.

          • Mel

            Where is your science, Jessica? Your proof, that vaccines do what they are claimed to do? You have none. Better to keep your mouth shut, and be thought of as a fool, than to open it, and confirm it. Let that marinate.

          • Jessica

            Lol Mel.. Again.. The proof is that our first world countries are not dying of diseases that the 3rd world countries are… And why is that.. Oh yes…. VACCINES! Good grief. Go take your arse overseas and see just how bad polio, meningitis, chicken pox, measles, mumps, hep b, ect all these diseases are huge huge problems in those places because they don’t have access to vaccines. Don’t tell me to shut my mouth when its obvious you have no facts because where’s your proof that vaccines don’t do anything? That’s right there is none because it’s obvious they work.

  • George J

    Jenny McCarthy’s son’s history does not present as a child with true autism. He had seizures. He lost some speech. He experienced developmental delays. She fought hard to get him better treatment. One critical treatment was seizure medications. Shortly after seizure meds, he “recovered.” This doesn’t sound like true autism. It’s not uncommon for doctors to misdiagnose a young child with autism. Then, later, discover the child isn’t autistic. Sadly, in Jenny’s son’s case, she had already written a few books, gone on a bunch of talk shows, appeared on TV shows and marched against vaccines, so it’s probably very difficult for her, now, to admit her son was never autistic. It’s even more difficult for her publishers to admit this, since a whole lot of case was generated on the belief her son had autism. Landau Kleffner Syndrome is what her son is said to now really have, and it makes sense, given his “miraculous” recovery. Good for him! But, please don’t continue to lie to the public and hide behind celebrity status and stakeholdings in books written that this child was autistic. It’s not fair to other parents who are dealing with truly autistic children. Jenny is an admitted new ager who once thought, or maybe still thinks, her son was an “indigo” child. Autism is a serious neurological disorder. The autism community does not need people misrepresenting what true autism is. Yes, there is a spectrum, but her son isn’t on it. May he continue to thrive and be well, but for truth’s sake, please stop saying he was, or is autistic. Why haven’t we heard anything about her allegedly autistic son for so long? Why hasn’t she continued to write books on her son’s autism? A child is not cured of autism. Nor do they lose the diagnosis, unless they were never autistic to begin with. That’s my opinion.

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