Jon Gosselin Reveals He Had A Vasectomy

During a Tuesday appearance on the Wendy Williams Show, father-of-eight Jon Gosselin revealed that he and his girlfriend Liz Jannetta won’t be conceiving kids anytime soon. The former reality star, 36, admitted he’s had a vasectomy.

“We can’t have more kids. Yeah, I’m fixed,” Jon admitted.

The Pennsylvania native and ex-wife Kate Gosselin have had their fair share of drama since their 2009 divorce. Recently, Kate claimed that her ex hacked into her phone and computer to access information for the unauthorized tell-all book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.

“That lawsuit is over. She dismissed the case,” Jon shared. “I guess I proved her wrong or she didn’t want to continue down that road. But Wendy, if I could do those things, I wouldn’t be sitting here now. I’d be working for the NSA.”

Jon has been vocal about keeping his kids away from the spotlight since the family’s TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8.

“I’ll fight it,” he said if Kate wanted to push for another reality show. “I don’t need the money, I’ll just go to work. Because I fought so hard to get my kids off of television. It didn’t work in civil court, it didn’t work with TLC, it didn’t work with anyone so I had to go to family court and try and stop it.”

He added: “My kids go to private school. They also have trusts. They have education trusts. They have other trusts. Kate and I put 80 percent of the gross of the income in a trust for three years for them. They’re fine.”

As for his communication with his ex, “We just text, we don’t talk to each other,” Jon explained. “I only know what she says about me by the media.”

The former couple are parents to 13-year-old twin daughters Cara and Madelyn who recently did an interview with PEOPLE. The pair also co-parent sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel, 9.

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  1. Anon

    Where are all the Kate haters who feel so badly for this poor man who just wants to live a normal life outside the limelight.

    Yeah. Eating your words now, huh?

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Jon, could you please email your Dr’s info to K-Fed. But at least your kids have to same 2 parents.

    • Anon

      At least Kevin Federline doesn’t whine about his ex-wife, while simultaneously letting her do all the work raising the kids.

      • Anonymous

        What’s to whine about? All that work Ms. Spears is doing, has kept him, his lady friends and ALL >>6<< of his kids in obvious comfort.

        Why do you think his 'current' (baby momma) wife, the "teacher" can be regularly photo'd out and about, any and everywhere during regular school hours? Brit-Brit is one hell of a good provider!

        I'll bet she wishes she had NEVER waved her fame, fortune, and arse under the nose of a man who already had a toddler, and a heavily pregnant baby momma at (his home provided by Shar) home.

        • Anonymous

          I bet you Britney Spears appreciates what a fantastic job Kevin Federline is doing raising their children. When the chips were down, he stepped up spectacularly. If she chooses to support him and his brood for the rest of her life, that’s her business.

  3. Anonymous

    Why the sudden info about their family in the news? Please don’t tell me another show is in the works…

  4. Joey

    Thank God, cuz he doesn’t take care of the 8 he already has.

  5. Anon

    I give him credit. At least he tries to keep his kids off tv.

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