Jessie James & Eric Decker’s Sexy Baby Bump Photo Shoot

NFL star Eric Decker, 26, and country singer Jessie James, 25, get sexy for GQ.

The stars of Eric and Jessie: Game On pose for a sizzling baby bump photo shoot in the magazine’s February “Love, Sex & Madness” issue.

The parents-to-be prove that their love has only gotten stronger as they prepare for their daughter on-the-way.

“If you’re looking for drama or couples fighting, you’re signing on with the wrong people,” Jessie tells the mag.

While he is excited to become a dad, Eric is experiencing his best football season to date on the Denver Broncos, and also has the Super Bowl on his mind.

As for his rough and tough teammates, Eric says they love watching his new reality show.

“You’d be surprised,” he shares. “A lot of guys wanted to try and get on the show after the first couple of episodes.”

What do you think of their baby bump photo shoot?

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Photo credit: GQ

  • Porter

    lmao – ‘Awkward family photo”

  • Someone

    Kinda creepy and tacky

  • chelsea

    I think they are a cute couple , Eric is very cute ” not in these pics ” he kinda looks like a Ken doll and creepy…. But this WAS Tacky …BUT go broncos

  • eliz1

    best part of these pix is the adorable golden retriever :).. rest of it: white trash central!

  • Brittany

    These are the most awkward and tacky pregnancy photos ever! I kept going through them thinking surely this has got to get better, trust me it doesn’t.

  • Jennafire

    Have no idea who these people are but this is the cheesiest most trashtastic photo shoot – is this supposed to be a joke?

  • Anonymous

    These photo just scream famewhore.

  • Someone

    Holy moly, the first pic of the bunch…where is his hand going?! Yikes!

    • jo

      That’s her thigh, not his arm.

      • Someone

        Phew ;P

      • Anonymous

        That’s what happens when they airbrush two people to be the exact same color, shade and skin tone.

  • A

    I love how the dog smiles!

  • me

    Ew, these photos scream desperate! Disgusting as well.

  • Leah

    These photos are even funnier given the fact that they were taken for a magazine whose demographic is males in their late 20s, early 30s. What a treat for them!

  • Susan

    I think they look like a sexy “married” couple who are very much in love. How many of you judgemental haters have had children out of wedlock? Shame shame, I know your name

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