Laura Linney Welcomes First Child: Bennett Armistead

Congratulations are in order for Laura Linney and Marc Schauer.

In a surprising announcement, the Love Actually actress, 49, gave birth to their baby boy named Bennett Armistead Schauer on Wednesday, January 8, PEOPLE reports.

Baby Bennett is the first child for the couple who were wed in May 2009, where actor Liam Neeson walked the actress down the aisle.

Congratulations to them!

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  • cynth

    How did she manage to conceal a pregnancy for 9 months in Hollywood? She’s relatively well known and recognizable – unlike the d-listers and wives of so-and-so that are constantly clogging up celeb web sites such as this one

    • Christie


      • Anon

        Given her age, that seems the most likely scenario.

      • klutzy_girl

        Nope. Multiple sites have said she was the one pregnant.

        • cyth

          Thanks Klutzygirl- that’s what I read elsewhere too, hence my question.

    • michelle

      she is proof that if you work in show business and actually want a PRIVATE life you can have it. congrats to the parents.

  • Intheknow

    Though this will sound like sour grapes (it’s not meant to be) a woman’s body is preparing for menopause (or already in it) at age 49. Having a change of life baby can screw up a woman’s body and lead to things she may regret. Seriously, this is a little old to be going down this road.

    • Anon

      I’m 49 and according to my doctor (not an anonymous internet poster), my body is nowhere near menopause.

      Everyone is NOT th esame.

      • Amazing

        Then you or your doctor is a liar. The average age of menopause is 53 (when periods cease altogether). However, most women begin the process in their early forties. It’s a ten year cycle, not bam, you’re finished. At 49, dear, you are probably in peri-menopause. You better hope so anyway, because most doctors don’t want to see a woman still going through the change well into her fifties. NOT a good thing. There are numerous negative reasons Linney’s choice was NOT a good one. Most center on the child. At age 20, when this kid should be thinking about college, having fun, etc., he’ll have a grandmother on his hands (Linney) who will be at the age where health problems are numerous and assisted living will be on the horizon. At age 30, he’ll be scouting assisted living facilities for grandma (Linney), if not before. Seriously, have a child at the advanced age of 50 (she will be 50 next month) is NOT a good idea and it’s selfish. Where was she 25 years ago? Oh, I know, worrying about her career, and now she has one more thing to do, have a baby. Most people are becoming GRANDPARENTS at age 5, not first time moms. Selfish and unwise.

        • Amazing

          Clearly, I meant age 50 above, not age 5.

        • Anon

          Do you not understand your own statistic?? The AVERAGE age is 53. That means some are younger, so are older. Understand?

          As for your claim that it’s “not a good thing” to go through menopause “well into” your fifties, now you are blatantly making things up. There absolutely NO evidence that this is true.

          Once again, I’ll stick with the information given to me by my own doctor who actually knows my body, not some internet idiot who thinks they know better and can telepathically diagnose peri-menopause.

          • Amazing

            No dear, only YOU know your own body. If you depend on your doc to tell you may God go with you! And guess what hon, this is an opinion page, so just because we don’t ALL agree with you (me in particular) you don’t have to get snarky., You sound dumb as dirt you really do.

          • James

            I think you need to check yourself & look in the mirror. Calling a stranger’s Dr a “liar”, stating women are “selfish” for having a baby over 40, then turning around using “God” and calling other “snarky” is quite hypocritical.
            Maybe you are ready to retire and sit on the couch & hang up your life at 50….and that is your decision….but there are others, like my rocking wife, that will continue to run marathons, snow ski, throw a frisbee on the beach with our toddler.
            Don’t fault others & call names because they have no interest in living your life.

        • SMH

          Why is it selfish?

          She wanted a child so she had one. Her decision & l am sure one day her child will thank her for giving him life!
          And menopause can happen before 50 as well as after 50. Medicines can put you into instant menopause at any age! My co-worker just turned 57 & jokes she cant wait for menopause bc she still gets “her damn period!”

        • Cathy

          Yes, you maybe an old grandma with numerous health problems at 69, because most of them will come from your negativity 🙂
          But I imagine Laura will be a fabulous, healthy, Jane Fonda type at 70, who will have cocktails at her son’s graduation party 🙂
          Don’t judge people for having kids late in their life. She got married not long ago, i.e. found THE man late in her life (not her fault, just bad luck) -so she actually did a good thing to first find the right man and father, then have a child. Rather than have a child with whoever just for the sake of having a child at a younger age.

  • k

    She was 100% pregnant.

    • anon.

      Not 72%, not 97%, not even 99% kinda pregnant. She was 100%. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  • jana

    Congratulations! Maybe she froze her eggs a while back.

  • Runner girl

    More likely scenario is that she used donor eggs. After age 45, the likelyhood that she used her own eggs (unless she froze them but that too has a low success rate) is less zero percent.

    • Anon

      Nothing is “less than zero percent”. That doesn’t even make sense.

  • Someone

    Who cares! She has a beautiful boy to show for it. Love the name, it’s my son’s name too 😀

  • Jennifer

    Nothing against Laura…she seems like a nice person and a great actress, but 49 is too old to have a baby! I don’t think it is fair to the child to have a parent that old.

    • Devon

      Better for them not to be born then right?

      • Jennifer


  • kaleyjade

    I have a direct ancestor, back in the early 1800s, who died in childbirth at the age of 50. The baby girl lived, and grew up to have a normal life. It’s rare, but it really DOES happen.

    Congrats to Ms. Linney! 🙂

  • TIffany

    You don’t know what kind of 50 year old she is though. It all depends on the person. She looks relatively healthy. She could live well into her 80s and be just fine. if she doesn’t get cancer or have some other kind of genetic problem somewhere, she will likely live well into her 80s. So she might not see grandchildren before she dies but that is her choice. Other than her being an old lady with a baby, what other detriments are there to having this child? Especially when she has way more than enough means to care for it. I see none. God bless them all.

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