Donald Trump Jr. & Wife Expecting Baby No. 5

Congratulations are in order for Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa.

The couple are expecting their fifth child, he announced Tuesday on Twitter. “Well [Vanessa], Kai, D3, T-man Spencer & I have some exciting news… We are expecting baby #5 this summer. Can’t wait,” tweeted the businessman, 36, adding the hashtag #evenlesssleep.

The baby on-the-way will join big sibs Kai Madison, 6½, Donald John III, 5 next month, Tristan Milos, 2, and Spencer Frederick, 15 months.

Trump’s sister Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner recently welcomed their second child, Joseph Frederick. They are also parents to daughter Arabella Rose, 2½.

Trump and Vanessa, 36, were wed in November 2006.

The soon-to-be father-of-five is the first-born child of real estate tycoon, Donald Trump.

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  1. no

    Father like Son…knocks up their wife..

  2. Laura

    Congratulations to them, but wow… good thing they’re Trumps! That’s a huge family to support in New York City! 200k/year in private school tuition alone!

    • Ella


      I think he’s doing everything he can to lock down that inheritance. Lil sis (who I adore btw) is stealing his thunder. Panic must be setting in. Or maybe he’s the insecure type that feels like the only way he can prove his manhood is my impregnating his wife (or perhaps hunting endangered/innocent animals as he’s been known to do).

  3. theoriginal bubbles

    and we can’t stop.. and we won’t stop, because t’s our party and we d as we want to.

  4. Joey

    And least this Donald only had one wife….his father had several.

  5. v-girl

    guess they’re doing life Duggar style lol

  6. quality over quantity

    holy… mother… of god. i can’t help myself, i gotta put my two cents in…

    OK, they’re definitely breeders. the nicest thing i can say about these two is… at least they can afford all those kids, but maybe get a psychiatric evaluation before you try for #6? seriously. this is not OK. i think people (especially people with wealth) who have tons of kids (3+) only have ’em as “possessions” (trying to fill some sort of emptiness inside you can’t buy with $$$?) and i find it kind of disgusting. they’re just popping them out and handing ’em to the nannies. ugh, duggar mentality with romney $$$.

    5 kids under the age of 8 = worst nightmare imaginable (for me, anyway). 1 or 2 (at most) kids is ideal for me even if i had all the $$$ in the world and even, or i should say *especially* with the “perfect” spouse… that wouldn’t change… at any age. i’m so glad my generation isn’t this kid obsessed and that 1 is becoming the ideal number for many people in their 20s and early 30s nowadays. yeah, i’m part of the “selfish” bunch.

    /rant over

    • Anon

      holy… mother… of god. i can’t help myself either, i gotta put my two cents in…

      You’re an absolute moron.

      • qoq

        well, clearly i hit on a very sensitive topic. gee, i sure am sorry that i’m against just having kids because you can physically and financially afford them, like buying a new car every year… just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! kids need more than money and certainly more then a few minutes of individual time from their parents each day. they’re doing their existing kids a major disservice by continuing to breed like rabbits. who the heck needs more than 2 (or 3, i guess- if you’re that desperate for the opposite sex)??? that’s a serious question. i can’t help but feel that these types of people are disgusting (no matter how wealthy they are or how much “help” they have), and that’s just how i feel. you don’t have to agree and you don’t have to be a total a-hole about it just because you don’t agree with me. i didn’t personally intend to insult you (but if you do have more than 2, i’m kind of glad i did). i’m not a public figure, i’m just a stranger giving my opinion- again, an opinion you don’t have to share.

      • Kinky

        I have no idea why you were downgraded and the person above has positive votes. They are financially capable of handling their children and as far as I have seen never seemed like they were using their children as accessories, since to be honest I have never seen them. Why can’t people just say congratulations and move on. WOW. I think people on here need to get their heads checked.

        • Ella

          Yes, if you have more than 1 or 2 children in this day and age you are being careless and very irresponsible. I throw a lot of shade at couples with this many children — and counting? — irl. It does not look good on anyone.

          Baby #1: Aww, congratulations!
          Baby #2: Yay (I guess). Why didn’t you adopt?
          Baby #3: I start judging you.
          Baby #4: I question your sanity.
          Baby #5: […]
          Baby #6: ♪ Here’s the story, of an insecure couple ♪

          • Anonymous

            “Throw a lot of shade”??? What the heck does THAT mean??

          • Kinky

            So because you have been designated the baby police captain and have said three children is one to many, everyone on this site agrees. There is no reason to judge anyone for how many kids they have if they can afford to emotionally and financially take care of them. How often do you see this couple on this site? To my knowledge only when they are announcing they are pregnant. I have no idea where the hate an animosity is coming from. You ladies because men don’t behave this way, need to take a chill pill and just look at the photos and calm the F%&$ down. Octomom is over populating the world, The Duggars are over populating the world, not the Trumps.

          • RL

            Saying you want and believe everyone else should only have 1 kid seems to you like a noble minded thing but it actually is the easy and lazy way out. How society should look at kids: “every child is a treasure and they should all be cultivated into good and productive adults so they can go on to inherit and improve society. ”

            How you view kids: “children are great as long as you have only one. Personally, I can’t imagine why or what purpose you would have for wanting more than 1 or a large family.”

            My view is that the ideal number of children is 3 or 4. 2 or 1 is not even sustainable for society and is generally a sign of a dying people or culture. But hey have that 1 kid. Your genes eventually will get cut off down the line anyway.

    • Laura

      Based on the few tidbits of information I’ve seen on Twitter, etc, it seems that these two are very hands on in raising these kids. It is hard to have kids in NY — space is tight. I’d imagine they’d only be having them if they wanted them. No apartment is big enough to ignore five kids!

      I’m more in awe of how much money they must have to be sending all these kids to private school!

    • Just me

      You are right about one thing, the part about you being selfish.
      How is the news of this lovely couple expecting their 5th child, became all about you?

    • v-girl

      Your comment is absurd quality over quantity. How on earth do you know they have babies and hand them over to nannies? Unless you live with them, you haven’t a clue. Who cares what is ideal for you anyway, you don’t factor into their family planning. How dare you meddle into their lives, just care about you and butt out.

    • Chrissy

      I am one of 7 kids. Parents were not particularly rich, or religious, and I’m sure some of us were unplanned. But my parents loved each other, loved us more than anything, never hired a nanny, and my childhood was amazing.
      Would I ever have 7 kids? NO WAY!
      But for some couples, their dream is to have a large family and if the kids are loved (and not brainswashed like the Duggars), who are we to judge?

  7. Laura

    I think her hair is much prettier when she’s a natural brown.

  8. SMH

    They breed like rabbits lol!

    I think anyone has the right to have as many kids as they like as often as they want as long as it’s what they want (and of course they can afford to do so)! There are tons of people in this world who should not procreate and some that should just stop after one. Be concerned about those people. You know the one’s your paycheck helps pay for? I think the Trumps are the least of what you need to have two cents about! Just saying!

  9. SMH

    I hope if you care about the planet so much that you do your part for the environment? And l dont mean not having more then 2 children!

    • RL

      All developed countries actually have population decline, and so they keep having to import labor (i.e. migrants). It’s a myth that keeps getting perpetuated that we are being overpopulated. Only underdeveloped countries have population growth. Western nations meanwhile could actually use more children. Places like Italy and Spain only have less than 1.5 children per family. That puts tremendous strain on the social programs and there will be few left in 100 years.

  10. lisa smifth

    Why are all the rational comments downvoted on here?

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