Kourtney & Kim Kardashian’s Daughters: “BFFs”

Cute cousins!

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian‘s daughters – North, 7 months, and Penelope, 18 months – strike an adorable pose together.

“BFF’s,” proud mama Kim captioned the sweet snapshot via Instagram.

It seems like they truly are besties. Kourtney recently told PEOPLE: “Whenever [Penelope] sees [North], the second she walks into the room, Penelope gets so excited. We never really had cousins that were close in age.”

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  • Anonymous

    It’s official: The Kardashians make ugly children.

    • Anon

      You have an ugly personality.

    • Mk

      How dare you call children ugly?
      You are clearly not a mother. If you are – shame on you for being so cruel. Those girls are beautiful.

      If you are not a mother yet (or a father) I hope that one day you will be taught compassion and humility to pass onto your own children so that they are never has inappropriate or as mean as you.

      In the meantime, hide behind the fact that you are posting on a public forum. I dare you to try saying something so mean about children to real people in the real world.

  • Jessica

    So sweet!! North is going to be tall, she already looks almost as big as Penelope!

    • English gal


  • Isabella

    North has beautiful bright eyes and Penelope is also cute.

  • Anonymous

    They both look like 2 little boys.

  • Emily

    Aw, such a sweet photo. North already looks as big as Penelope!

  • Jen

    North is so pretty! Her dark eyes are really striking. She’ll be gorgeous when she grows up.

  • Anonymous

    Penelope is so homely looking.

    • Ella


      Not all babies are cute and that’s okay. I think they’re both homely. They look sort of similar to me. North’s eyes are beautiful but she’s got Penelope’s nose, no? I think so.

  • Anonymous

    She has her mothers dark yet bright eyes. Not a fan of her mother, but she IS very beautiful and her daughter has inherited those genes.

    Penelope looks exactly like her big bro. It’ll be interesting to see if a 3rd child looks like the 1st two. Which ARE cute.

  • v-girl

    North is a gorgeous baby, that tan skin and dark eyes will make her an exotic beauty one day! Cousins are adorable too!!

  • Gemi

    Not a fan of Kim or Kanye in the slightest, but they do have one gorgeous baby.

  • Dot spot

    North is a beautiful baby, cute pic of the cousins.

  • courtney

    not with a short mother like Kim 5ft 2in and a below average father Kanye 5ft 8in North won’t be tall only about 5ft 6in not like Gracie McGraw who at 17 is 6ft 2in granted both her parents are tall dad Tim is 6ft and Mom Faith Hill is 5ft 9in . as for the photo of course cousins are going to be close it’s the 2nd best thing to having younger siblings even family friends who have children around the same age the kids tend to be close for example Liza Todd Burton & Nell Newman are 20 months apart and grew up very close because their parents were friends in fact Nell’s mom Joanne Woodward & Liza’s Elizabeth Taylor shared a birthday February 27th even celebrating it together when they were both in Los Angeles or NYC 1959 NYC for example Joanne was nearly 8 months pregnant with Nell and Tennessee Williams’s play Sweet Bird Of Youth was in previews it opened March 10th then Nell arrived before the April 8th Matinee by 3 quarters of an hour

    • Someone

      This post made my head spin

    • Tiffany

      I think 9am is too early for you to be thinking anything, that was one confusing and odd post. Perhaps you had a fun night last night and haven’t fully recovered.

      • SMH

        Thats Courtney. She loves Paul Newman & none of her post ever make sense!

      • Scooter


        • Anonymous


  • Marie

    These babies are so cute. Penelope is so much prettier in person (or tv) than in pictures, I don’t think the pictures do her justice, she is very beautiful. North is absolutely gorgeous and anyone who says different is just saying it because they hate her parents, but that is one very beautiful little girl.

  • SMH

    I dont like K & K but North is beautiful. She has the perfect mixture of both.

    • Anonymous


  • Lilly

    So pretty 🙂

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