Sarah Rafferty: My Oldest Daughter Has Never Seen Me On ‘Suits’

Suits actress Sarah Rafferty is back for another season as Donna Paulsen in the USA series. The mom-of-two is a fan favorite leading to phrases like #SAVEDONNA and #DONNARULES trending on Twitter last season, proving just how much value this executive assistant has to fans in the real world. Rafferty recently revealed to Celebrity Baby Scoop her thoughts on the show, how “funny” her children are, and shared her celebrity girl crush moment.

CBS: Can you tell us what viewers will expect to see in the third season of Suits?

SR: Sarah: In the back half of the third season, the last six episodes, Louis Litt is on the trail of Mike Ross once noticing his lack of file in the Harvard file room. The stakes get really high, as we have to deal with Louis potentially being onto my secret.

CBS: Congratulations on Suits being renewed for a fourth season. Why do you think the series is so successful?

SR: Our writers have done an incredible job of creating a raw show that has an interesting storyline, but the storyline and the cases are used to develop the characters. They push these characters into dynamic situations. There’s also somebody in the cast for everybody to identify with. Some of the most gratifying feedback I receive is when I’ll hear from a mom whom says, “I watch it with my son.” I’ll hear from a twenty-something year old saying, “Oh my gosh, I watch it with my parents!” It brings families together. The fact that it spans these demographics is amazing, and we’re so grateful for that.

CBS: What is your favorite part about being on the show?

SR: That’s so hard! There are a million things. Working with these actors is such a joy and I’m continually surprised and delighted by the material the writers create. I know it’s a drama but there are plenty of light, comic moments and I love that. It’s definitely a perk wearing the clothes as well.

CBS: You attended the Golden Globes and associated parties. What was that like?

SR: It was fun to sit back and get star-struck. I remember last year when I was at a party, Julia Louis-Dreyfus walked by me and it was all I could do to contain myself and not tell her that I was in love with her.  I thought, “I am girl crushing all over that woman and she looks beautiful.” I probably could have dragged her away with me. I wanted to.

CBS: You have two daughters. How old are they and what are they like?

SR: My oldest daughter Oona is six and Iris is turning two on Sunday. They are the light of my life. They are so outgoing and funny and silly. They love to sing and dance, they love each other, and they are incredibly affectionate. They crack me up every single day.

CBS: What is it like to raise two girls?

SR: It’s funny. Sometimes I have disassociated moments where I think, “Wait, I’m their mother. I’m just here having fun with these children and enjoying them but I can’t believe I’m already at this phase in my life where I’m raising them. It’s such a blessing to have my two girls. The world that they’re growing up in is different than the one that I grew up in, in so many wonderful ways, and in so many ways that I’m a little bit nervous about. They’ve got the Internet and social media. There’s a lot to educate myself on, as a parent, in the years to come in terms of raising children in this environment.

CBS: What does your oldest daughter think about you being on television?

SR: Sometimes I think she thinks I put on makeup for a living. I’m kidding. She’s never seen me on the TV show. She knows that I’m an actress and I love to be a part of telling stories. I’ve been in plays and she’s come backstage and been in my dressing room. She’s starting to get a sense that it’s something that people can do and other people watch, and even other people that we may not have met before might be familiar with the show, with me, and with our friends. That’s intriguing for her. She might be a little actress. In the years ahead, she’ll probably be on set with me taking notes.

CBS: How do you juggle “having it all”? Do you feel like your life is in balance?

SR: No. I’ve stropped striving for balance. That word does not exist. I think it’s all about embracing the chaos and the espresso machine.

CBS: Are you protective of your kids if the paparazzi follow you?

SR: I’ve never had to deal with paparazzi around when I’ve been with my kids. If I were with them and the paparazzi were there, I would ask for some space.

CBS: Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans with your husband?

SR: We try to do something offbeat for Valentine’s Day, and don’t ever really celebrate it right on the day. I don’t even try to get a reservation that night for dinner. Last year, we got a babysitter and we went to a local ski mountain and enjoyed some quick runs and then we were home for dinner with the kids. We like to take hikes. If we can carve out a couple of hours where can talk to each other without being interrupted, we find that to be an incredibly romantic day or night. We’re so tired by the time night comes around as well. I’m a big fan of having a date during the day. We might go out to lunch or to a spa.

CBS: You still find ways to surprise each other amidst the busy life?

SR: We try to. Here and there.

CBS: Besides Suits, what else are you working on?

SR: Full-on “Mom-ness.” I am planning a birthday party for this weekend. We were just doing some amazing finger-painting. We did a little visit to the Kindergarten class and made some “O-shaped” cookies when they were learning the letter “O.” I like to get down and dirty and be home with my kids when we’re on a hiatus. I use the time to wear the “Mom-hat” as much as I can.

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