How To Help Children With Homework

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I’ve heard it from other parents with older children in my daughter’s school: as soon as she enters first grade, the homework load is huge! Yeah right, I thought. How much could the teacher possibly send each night? Well, as it turns out, plenty. Some days, it takes us 45 minutes to get through her workload. Mostly that’s because she gets distracted, her brothers bug her and…well, she is just six. But over time, I have learned to manage our homework routine better by keeping the siblings occupied, and most importantly, having a routine. Here are some tips that will help you manage homework time at home.

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  • Enrique Peters

    45 minutes? Really lucky kid and mom! My daughter wake up before seven, cram in some extra studying over breakfast, and rush off to her school day, which lasted the usual seven hours. She’d go straight from there to a violin lesson or soccer prac­tice, return home at six, and commence a daily homework marathon that took her well into the night. I’d see her hunched at her desk past eleven p.m., washed in the yellow lamplight.

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