Ireland Baldwin: Cuddling Carmen

Alec Baldwin’s daughter Ireland posted a photo of herself and half-sister Carmen on Friday (January 31). The 18-year-old wrote via Instagram: “Spending my morning with chubby bunny.”

It was a crazy week for Alec who claimed on Monday that his 5-month-old daughter was “patted down” by airport security in the Bahamas. He tweeted: “Flying from Nassau, Bahamas 2 NY. TSA “random selects” my 5 month old daughter 4 a pat down. I am not kidding.”

After many of his followers noted that since the alleged incident occurred in the Bahamas, which is not a part of the U.S., security screenings therefore wouldn’t be conducted by or fall under the jurisdiction of the TSA, an American agency.

Baldwin then followed up his blunder by writing: “So the people that patted down my daughter were not TSA, though we were inbound to the US. Got it. Got it. No, really…. I got it.”

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  1. cb

    i assume he had his usual fit about that. i guess they should either move to the country somewhere that is very private, stay in the apartment and never get out. or learn to deal with life like the rest of us have too.
    he is the whinest person and looks like his wife is just like him !!!

  2. well, lets just hope he doesn’t call this child a “thoughtless little pig” like he called Ireland…

  3. SiervaMaria

    I desperately despise the need by ANYONE to refer to kids who aren’t any less siblings because they don’t share DNA with both parents as “half.” I hate it. I hate the need felt by some to make sure we know that “these are the adopted ones and these aren’t, these are step, and these aren’t, these are half, these are whole.”

    I see a beautiful picture of Ireland Baldwin and her new little sister and it’s that simple.

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