Sarah Michelle Gellar Turns The Cameras On Paparazzi

The Crazy Ones star Sarah Michelle Gellar was spotted with daughter Charlotte, 4, in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Saturday (February 1). While leaving her daughter’s ballet class, the Buffy alum, 36, took video of the nearby paparazzi with her smartphone.

It looks like SMG is supporting Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard‘s call to boycott the use of paparazzi photos.

After Saturday’s outing, Gellar took to Twitter to RT Kristen’s message.


As reported by our spinoff, HerScoop, Bell and Shepard asked fans to boycott magazines that publish photos of the children of celebrities taken by paparazzi. As proud new parents of 10-month-old daughter Lincoln, the celebrity couple are hoping to protect their first-born child.

Read more about their call to boycott paparazzi shots, and share your thoughts over at HerScoop.

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  • SMH

    I dont disagree with what they are trying to do. But l also think they are drawing more attention to themselves. l dont think the paparazzi is highly interested in Dax & Kristen. They got one shot of their daughter from a distance. Apparently they didnt even know til next day when they saw the pic printed. I think if any celeb specifically request no photos it should be respected. Many celebs dont like it but believe it or not l think some are not bothered by it either.

    • InTouch

      So you think there should be a master list somewhere that all media companies can reference, which lets them know who they can harass and who they can’t?

      • SMH

        No l am saying that some celebs dont mind it therefore it would be hard to make it a law. Best thing would be to not buy photos but feel free to repost the pics celebrities share via social media.

  • laura

    This is highly contradictory: you do realize that if their wishes were to be accomplished sites like CBS would be totally shut down, right?

    • SMH

      And maybe it should. I come here bc it exist. But l dont pay for these photos. The people who take up advertisement space on these sites are the ones who keep these sites up & running. If CBS didnt exist my life would not be effected.

  • savannah

    there are celebrities parents. who managed to keep their children out the Julia Roberts Adriana Lima.

    • anonymous


      Funny how Jen G two oldest have not been photograph since mid December and her son have only been photograph twice and she no longer doing the daily Starbucks runs. Same with Halle Berry once she lost her Custody case she been able to keep Nahla from being photograph for he most part, all with out of move out of the U.S.

      Which goes to show that both of these ladies are able to give their kids a more private life when they want too.

      • Anonymous

        It’s interesting how you think. You think because you haven’t seen photos, that she no longer goes to Starbucks every day. Isn’t it just as likely that she still goes, but is being photographed less?

  • Joe Fusco

    So you ran this story with exactly the type of photo being complained of? I am now boycotting you.

  • News Hound

    This doesn’t bode well for a website called, “Celebrity Baby Scoop!” Ask not for whom the bell tolls…

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  • A. Smyth

    What kind of outfit is that for a child? THAT should be the issue here.

    • annefan

      she was leaving her ballet class, you stupid girl…. hence the outfit…

      • A. Smyth

        Sorry, I didn’t realise studded boots and tops were a staple at ballet. And who said I’m a girl? I also like your use of the word ‘stupid’. Very dignified.

        • Anonymous

          There’s nothing wrong with her outfit, but there’s definitely something wrong with an adult who would criticize a child’s clothing.

          annefan is right. Stupid fits.

          • A. Smyth

            Gurl, I’m criticizing the mother’s taste, not the child’s clothing.

  • Gemi

    Sorry, but these people could easily avoid the paparazzi just like the hundreds of other celebrities who have children. There are bigger issues in this world, although I do agree that the paparazzi should not be so aggressive with children who did not ask for this attention.

    But “pedorazzi”? Get real.

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