Kevin & Danielle Jonas Welcome First Child: Alena Rose

Congratulations are in order for Kevin and Danielle Jonas.

Giving the term ‘Twitter party’ a whole new meaning, the former Jonas Brothers star, 26, literally live tweeted the birth of his first child after wife Danielle went into labor on Sunday (February 2). The couple welcomed a baby girl named Alena Rose Jonas after about 8 hours in labor.

“#babyjonas is on the way!! Follow dreft for all the updates!!!!! It’s showtime #thisisnotadrill,” the excited father-to-be tweeted earlier in the day.

The singer went on to give fans a play-by-play of his wife’s labor, tweeting, “He we go we’re pushing!!!! #babyjonas.”

When their daughter arrived, Kevin announced the birth through Dreft laundry detergent:


Late Sunday, the proud papa further updated his fans with the message, “I’m so in love with her.”

And on February 1, Danielle tweeted,

In early January, the couple opened up to Us about the baby name. “[The] middle name has a lot of meaning, but her first name is…different enough, but not totally out there. It’s cute.”

The oldest Jonas brother went on to talk about becoming a father.

“I can’t wait for Daddy days,” Kevin shared. “I’m excited for the days I can just spend with her by myself. I want to take her to not typical little girlie things. I want to go to baseball games with her. Even just time at home — me and her one-on-one while [Danielle] goes to the grocery store or out with her friends. Something to give her a break too. She deserves it.”

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Photo credit: Dreft

  • lovetx

    Awww! Congrats to Dani and Kevin! What a CUTE baby! LOVE the name, too!!! They will be awesome parents!!!

  • Someone

    Beautiful pic! Although Danielle looks rather primped for an after birth photo

    • Jessica

      Ha I thought the same thing. Even if she had an easy birth, her hair is perfect not a single one out of place. Weird. Perhaps she got done up and then they took more pictures and she preferred to post this one instead of the right after birth one.

    • Heather

      I did my hair and makeup before giving birth. I didn’t want to look bad in the photos!!! I also made my husband wear a nice shirt. What terrible people and parents we must be!!

      • Someone

        Where the heck did you get the idea that anyone was saying ‘bad parents’? It was simply an observation. Relax.

      • Rosy

        Alternatively I DIDN’T do mine and looking back wish I had! 🙂 I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  • I wonder how much “DREFT” is paying them…. It’s a shame that hollywood B-list celebrities worry about $$$ endorsements as much asthe arrival of their child…

    • amanda

      He’s not going to be making that Jonas money anymore, he’s got to make it somehow. I never listened to their music, but I would assume he was the least favorite.

    • anonymous

      He not a B lister celebrity more like C lister.

  • Jen

    So sweet! From what he’s posted and said to the media during her pregnancy it seems like they are over the moon and are going to be great parents 🙂

  • Anonymous

    These two will do ANYTHING for attention! What’s with the regular play-by-play on nearly EVERY aspect of their lives?

    They’re ALMOST as bad as Giuliana and Bill Rancic! But ONLY because he’s a B list celebrity, and G & B are D list celebrities.

    All are PATHETIC and ANNOYING.

  • Xxx


  • savannah

    love the name alena

  • SMH

    My cousin went in for a C-section in full make up. Her photos actually look really great. Why not if you can? She had the time since it was scheduled. Guess if you go into unexpected labor make up is the least of hour worries lol

    Btw love her name!

  • Julia

    Awww what a cute name !

  • Ann

    Hope her baby is healthy, after taking anxiety meds through her whole pregnancy 🙁

    • Ashley

      Are you sure she took them? Im not a regular fan of the show but i can recall in an earlier season she said she specifically was waiting to have children (cause he was wanting them) so that she could be off her meds during pregnancy. Unless she came out and confirmed she still took them during gestation then how could you know?

  • Ashley

    My sister and I can’t agree on pronunciation of Alena.
    Is it like Ah-lee-na or Ah-lay-na?

    I look and think its Ah-lee-na. I think Elena is how you would spell Ah-lay-na. But then I’m not american so it could be an accent/country origin thing.

    • Lizzie

      I believe it is like ‘Ah-lee-na’

      • Lizzie

        Actually, I just looked at it again and it could be ‘Ah-len-a’

        • lennie

          It’s a Czech name and there you pronounce it “Ah-len-a” with focus on the A and the rest said fast. But I guess they will say “A-lee-na” as that sounds American…

  • Anabelle

    What is it with the middle name Rose? It almost seems like every single little girl has that middle name! So boring. x

  • Whitnchan

    These 2 deserve to be A list, and possibly get Oscars for the best fake pregnancy ever – NOT!!!! Congrats to this Italian family that delivered an Asian baby……

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  • bebe

    To live tweet a labor and delivery? I guess they were pretty certain everything would go smoothly with no complications. An 8 hour labor is very nice for a first baby too. She looks amazing after giving birth, I guess a short labor and a hair and makeup team helps!

  • Amaital

    If she took anxiety meds during pregnancy that baby would NOT be in her arms. The baby would be in NICU for observation of neonatal withdrawal. , which usually appear after the first 48 hours. The baby would have a long “withdrawal” period treated with most likely phenobarbital, if she was taking benzoidiazipiems ( xanax, klonopin, valium ectr.). The baby would most likely display tremors, diarrhea, excessive crying , poor sleeping and possibly seizures to name a few. They also would have a visit from D.C.F.S. .If a newborn tests positive for ANY narcotics after birth the staff is required by law to contact them even if the obstetrician OK’D the mother to take meds during pregnancy. I’m a nurse and i work in L&D and float to NICU occasional. Regardless , I wish them all nothing but the best!

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