Shayne Lamas Loses Baby; Is Hospitalized

(UPDATE: Shayne’s husband, Nik Richie, has told TMZ, “Shayne had a life-saving emergency surgery.  She is on a ventilator system and is in a sedation-induced coma.  Her vital signs are now currently stable.”

People reports Lorenzo Lamas released this statement: “We are so grateful that my daughter, Shayne Lamas-Richie, is conscious and stable. She is not in a coma, however she did miscarry the child she was carrying. We are so very grateful to the hospital personnel and the doctors who saved her life last night. Shayne is aware of her condition and that her family and her husband are here with her and love her so much. She will be remaining in the hospital until her doctors determine that she can be released.”)

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Unexpected and sad news for Shayne Lamas – who was expecting her second child with husband Nik Richie. The Bachelor alum is currently in a coma and has lost the baby. She was 16 weeks along.

TMZ reports that on Sunday evening – paramedics were called to the couple’s home where the Bachelor alum collapsed. At the hospital doctors determined Shayne was bleeding internally around her uterus – but were stumped and brought in specialists to examine her further. She is not breathing on her own. However doctors are optimistic about her recovery.

The gossip site also say Shayne’s dad Lorenzo Lamas is by her side.

Shayne and Nik married four years ago – just 24 hours after meeting at a Las Vegas party. They are already parents to 2-year-old daughter Press.

We send our sympathies to the family.

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  1. Lizzie

    Oh my gosh, that is shocking. I hope she recovers from this.

  2. Someone

    So scary, I really hope she’s ok

  3. Joey

    OMG what a shame, I hope she’s ok.

  4. Anonymous

    WHOA! How shocking! Don’t know who she is, but I definitely HOPE she’ll have a 100% recovery! 🙁

  5. Anabelle

    She’s a terrible mom anyway so really it’s a blessing for the child.

  6. savannah

    some websites say she in a coma.but people magazine report “Shayne is not in a coma. She is conscious and stable. She knows what happened to her and she is upset,” Lorenzo Lamas’s rep tells PEOPLE

  7. woof!

    obviously a sad situation but i equate with her the likes of kimbo stewart etc- a brainless hag riding her famous parent’s coattails!

  8. Lou

    God, how awful. Hope she makes a full recovery x

  9. Marilyn

    Her husband says she’s in a sedation-induced coma but her father says she’s not in a coma. Which is it.

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