P. Diddy’s Daughters In First Print Campaign

P. Diddy‘s daughters are gorgeous!

The rapper’s young girls — twins D’Lila and Jessie, 8, and Chance, 8 — are starring in the new spring/summer ads for Ruum American Kid’s Wear. The campaign features the Combs sisters and another model wearing colorful fashions including graphic tees and shorts, crocheted tanks and tie-dye maxi skirts and floral sundresses.

Celebrity stylist and longtime collaborator with P Diddy, Kiki Tillman, talks to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the cute campaign.

“It is so exciting to see them modeling for RUUM as they have supported and loved wearing their clothing,” Tillman says. “This is definitely an organic and fitting collaboration.”

And the proud papa couldn’t help but gush about his girls on social media.

The Combs sisters made their modeling debut last year at Kids Fashion Week in New York City.

Check out more images of the girls coming soon to www.ruum.com.

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Photo credit: Anna Palma for RUUM/instagram

  • Essa

    The twins look way too skinny.

  • Anabelle

    D’lila and Jessie are such strangely proportioned girls.

  • Eleonor

    Chance and the blond girl are beautiful with delicate features.

    The twins are normal kids, not gorgous at all, even a little bit “weird” even if I don’t like criticize children, they would never have been models if their daddy was not famous.

    • Tamryn

      You’re a liar.

  • Evellina

    The twins look just fine in these ads. People will say nasty things because it’s been drilled into their heads that all models should look the same. That’s getting soooo boring. The twins are cute in their own way and it’s much more interesting than looking at generic bimbos.

  • v-girl

    No, there is something really off about how the twins look. Even as babies they looked odd. It’s almost as if their shoulders are small or deformed or something. They are cute girls.

  • Trevor

    Having smaller shoulders does not mean they are deformed, Toby’s Otis has smaller shoulders and Jessica Simpson little girl does too……it’s just their body shape. Bodies come in different shapes and sizes. These twins are thin and tall and very very normal!!!!

  • saadiyah

    The twins have the ideal model look. What some people think looks “weird’ is what the fashion world thinks is beautiful. I bet you that if they choose, the twins will most likely be the ones to succeed in the modeling world. Black people automatically think light skin with good hair is beautiful. It’s not.

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