Eric Dane & His Pretty Preschooler

Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane stepped out with his daughter Billie, nearly 4, in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday (February 16). The actor kept it casual in a gray tee and jeans, while Billie wore striped pants and colorful shoes.

On Valentine’s Day, the doting daddy was seen picking up his elder daughter from preschool in L.A.

The pair were not joined by mama, Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Rebecca Gayheart, and lil’ sis Georgia, 2.

Watch for Eric to light up the small screen again in the upcoming TNT drama, The Last Ship, costarring Rhona Mitra, Adam Baldwin and Travis Van Winkle. The new show is set to premiere this summer.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Anabelle

    Billie is such a strange looking child. She’s probably going to look like a supermodel when she’s older she just needs to grow into her looks.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. She’s got these huge feet and this tiny little head.

  • Anonymous9

    I think she’s an unusually beautiful child. Does she look like every other cutesy little Hollywood kid? No, but there is a beauty and kindness in that little face that is out of the ordinary.

    • Anonymous

      I AGREE with you 100%! I think she’s absolutely S T U N N I N G! She has the most innocent and precious little face.

      I just don’t get why so many think that she’s weird looking in ANY way.

      However, I am mystified as to WHY hair doesn’t seem to grow. She seems to have her mothers thick course loose curls, but no length …. yet. Even her 2 year old sisters hair was longer before her first birthday. And I doubt they cut it.

      Either way, she’s so precious, just like her sister. And with those parents, how could she NOT be a beauty?

  • Xxx

    Just because they live in Hollywood doesn’t mean they’re cute. If fact, there are quite a few Hollywoods celebrity kids that are not cute.

  • meghan

    She looks like a doll to me. Lovely.

  • Anonymous

    Yikes! She does have some big feet! But who am I to talk. I wear a 12. But I am 6’1”. Hope she’s gonna be tall like me.

    • juli

      I think usually children who are skinny and lanky with huge feet grow up to be quite tall. I have a friend who was like that, and she is still a naturally very slim and very tall woman. She also works as a model.

      I think Billie has a precious face and will most likely look like (or be) a supermodel when she is older.

      As for her hair, it took years for mine to start growing and I now have very thick, long hair. I don’t think it will be a problem for her over the years.

  • Rosy

    What a beautiful little girl Billie is!

  • Gemi

    I think she is adorable.

    As far as her hair, some children take a long time before their hair starts to really grow. My niece is 4.5 and was bald till she was 3…completely bald. Now her hair is just below her ears and pretty much the same texture as Billie’s

  • casey

    Criticizing the parents or opining on their acting prowess – or lack thereof – is one thing and is actually what these sites are for, but picking on innocent kids is bad form, plain and simple.

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