Rachel Zoe & Her Valentine’s Day Darlings

Rachel Zoe shared cute photos via Twitter of her boys Skyler and Kai on Valentine’s Day.

She wrote: “I feel so lucky to have 3 Valentines forever my loves @rbermanus and my angels #skylermorrison #kaiusjagger.”

The celebrity stylist gets gifted often too. On Monday (February 17) the stylist showed off two personalized rings. She writes: “How sweet is this personalized ring…love keeping a piece of my boys close to me at all times.”

On February 14 – she and Skyler, 3, headed home after having dinner together at Craig’s.

The day before they went to get frozen yogurt together. They sat down at Yogurt Stop in Hollywood where Skyler enjoyed his tasty treat.

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  1. Joey

    Wow, these 2 boys look totally different. Cute.

  2. savannah

    Rachel has adorable babies.she really scary looking.

  3. Tiffany

    Kai looks like her….but that little Skyler is a heartbreaker. SO Cute!

  4. Tamryn

    Rachel looks very nice. She’s a loving mom and certainly is not “scary” looking. I wouldn’t doubt you are though, probably a “fatty.”

  5. Sharjah

    I think Kai looks exactly like skylar……..scarily similar

  6. Marie

    I think the little ones look very similar which is a bonus for Kai to look like his beautiful older brother. Kai reminds me of Skyler in the eyes at that age, but then again, he is too young to really see who he will look like the most. Skyler cannot take a bad picture, he is just stunning. Rachel and Rodger seem like very loving wonderful parents.

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  8. Sophia

    They sure do make pretty babies!

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