Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell: Grandparents On Duty

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell spent the day at the beach with their grandchildren Ryder, 10, and Bing, 2, in Santa Monica, Calif. on Sunday (February 16).

Oliver Hudson and his kids were also there to play on the sand.

Goldie, 68, has told Prevention magazine how she keeps in shape.

“I do try to do some form of exercise four days a week. At home in California, I’ll bike up the mountain. Or I’ll do Pilates or Spin. And I do eat a lot of greens. I eat healthy, but I’m not a vegetarian.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • klutzy_girl

    I love this family so much.

  • Anonymous

    They are Goldie’s grandchildren not Kurt Russells since Kurt is just her boyfriend.

    • klutzy_girl

      Every time.

      Kate has said multiple times that Kurt is her dad. She has no contact with her biological father.

      Kurt is their grandfather (and Kate and Oliver’s dad) in every sense of the word. They’re just not related by blood.

      • Heather

        Every time.

        They post that just to get on your nerves and you let them do it.
        Every time.

        • klutzy_girl

          LOL, I realized that was most likely the case after I posted. Definitely going to let it go from now on.

  • Anonymous11

    Bingham is a total cutie!!!! One of the cutest baby boys in Hollywood!

  • Anonymous

    Legally, he is NOT the grandfather.

    • Ellen

      Family is more than blood and legal papers.

      He is their grandfather. Oliver and Kate consider him to be their childrens’ grandfather. He considers them his grandchildren.

      Kurt has been with Goldie since 1983 — over 30 years. Do you really need a piece of paper to prove to you that they are a family?

    • Granny

      Two of my granddaughters have two sisters from their mothers remarriage. They believe they are my grandchildren and I’d fight anyone who believes they are not. Blood doesn’t make family, love makes family.

    • Jen

      And your point with these comments…since I guarantee you’re the same “Anonymous” on here who is too chicken to put your actual name on all your ignorant and inflammatory posts…would be??

  • Jen

    I love the fact that they have one little granddaughter in that huge family of boys now…so cute 🙂

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