Nicolas Cage To Be A Grandfather

Nicolas Cage, 50, is preparing for his latest role: grandfather!

The actor’s 23-year-old son, Weston Cage, and his wife Danielle are expecting their first child, Closer reports.

While attending the Kasem Cares Foundation’s First Annual Fundraiser in Beverly Hills on Saturday (February 22), the expectant parents shared their exciting news.

“It is a boy. Big boy, weighs a lot,” Danielle shared. “I’m so excited! This wasn’t necessarily planned, but it is completely welcomed. We’re so happy to be giving birth eventually.”

Weston went on to share his father’s reaction: “He was ecstatic. His reaction was one of pure joy and bliss. Family is very important to us.”

The dad-to-be added: “My father and I actually speak everyday and Danielle and I texted him the ultrasound photograph which was actually confirmation of what we thought.”

It sounds like they’re set to have a big family in the future.

“We were both only children, so having multiples would be nice,” Danielle shared.

Weston is Cage’s son with ex-girlfriend, actress Christina Fulton.

Congratulations to them.

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  • klutzy_girl

    It’d be awesome to have Nic Cage as a grandfather. Congratulations to them.

    Still desperately waiting for the third National Treasure movie.

  • Anabelle

    “We’re so happy to be giving birth eventually… We were both only children, so having multiples would be nice.” Danielle sounds… dumb, for lack of a better word =S

    • Colleen

      Maybe she meant that he is an only child from his mom?

    • Danielle

      Well I can assure you that I am not dumb, Weston was raised as an only child seeing as his younger half-brother is only 8 as of this year, and they did not grow up together. I am as well an only child. We want to have more than one child, so they can create that bond with their siblings growing up. Maybe judge a person after meeting them, instead of judging them off a snippet of a quote. Also all those articles in the past about Wes were severely exaggerated and some were downright lies. I don’t think you can decide what kind of person someone is from the few articles on the internet. But that’s just my own humble opinion.

  • Carry

    Wow this is the same son that’s been in and out of jail and accused of beating his wife first wife and been in street fights.

    I hope he got his sh*t together before the baby born and his new wife has a better head on her shoulders then his first wife did.

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