Anna Trebunskaya’s Must-Have List For A Happy & Healthy Pregnancy

When Anna Trebunskaya, the fierce, redheaded, professional dancer from Dancing with the Stars, was awaiting the arrival of her daughter, Amalya Millan, she relied on a few key things to keep her in fighting shape. Reality competitions are no match for childbirth.

Here’s what Anna said was on her must-have list for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

1) Natural Choco Dream: During my last trimester, I developed a sweet tooth, and I was really craving Nutella. I was happy to find an alternative in this natural hazelnut spread. It’s a bit better for you, and it doesn’t have preservatives.

2) Ina May’s Guide to Child Birth: This book helped me mentally get ready for birth.

3) Prenatal Yoga & Gyrotonics: I had to stay active as my body kept changing. If I didn’t exercise, I could really feel it in my legs and back, so I exercised throughout my entire pregnancy. In fact, I did a gyrotonics class two days before Amalya was born! I really think it helped during the delivery process.

4) H&M Maternity: When I needed a new maternity blouse or top, I loved H&M’s selection.

5) Novena products: This beauty brand for pregnant women is organic, vegan, and free of harsh chemicals. I love their entire line and think it’s one of the best beauty lines that I have encountered — not just for pregnant women, but in general. I appreciate that it’s super clean, so you know you aren’t putting anything toxic in your body, especially as you’re growing another human being.

6) Earth Mama: Angel Baby Heartburn Tea: During my pregnancy, I occasionally had heartburn, and this tea really helped.

7) Mediven Compression Socks: Mediven dress socks look nice under dresses or a skirt (especially pared with boots), and they really help your circulation, which keeps swelling at bay.

8) Chiropractic Massage: Chiropractor care and massage kept me going, especially in the last month. Pregnancy was really hard on my back, but when I would get a massage, I’d feel fantastic for the next three days and be able to get a lot done.

9) Simple Leggings from Motherhood Maternity: I got three pairs of these and kept washing them and wearing them throughout my entire pregnancy. They were cotton, and I got them on sale, and you can’t beat that!

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