Kendra Wilkinson: “We Want Her To Be A Tomboy”

Kendra Wilkinson says she wants her daughter to be a tomboy. The Kendra On Top star told Star magazine, “We have picked our top five and they’re all unisex names. We want her to be a tomboy, like me.”

She also admitted, “I’m ready to have her already! I’m always sick and a lot more hormonal, so I’m hoping these last three months fly by.”

She also opened up about her fears for raising a daughter.

“Girls are a whole different story. You have to worry about them so much more. But we live in a great community and we’ve created a group of people that we can rely on and trust. The best thing you can do for your kids is surround them with good people.”

Don’t ask her to have more children – this pregnancy will be her last. She confessed, “I’m trying to tie my tubes! My doctors say I’m too young. But I am extremely done; I want no more! This pregnancy has been a lot harder than my Li’l Hank’s.”

As a result she wants to be healthier exclaiming, “I went from being completely unhealthy [to healthy] the first time, and this time I’m considering vegan!”

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  • savannah

    We have picked our top five and they’re all unisex names. let me guess Riley Payton Jordan Taylor.

  • courtney

    none of those names are bad Joey is also a unisex name as its commonly used for boys as a diminutive form of Joseph and for girls as a diminutive of Joanne or Josephine. as for being sicker that’s quite common with girls she should quit complaining she sounds ungrateful

  • Em

    I don’t think you can push her into being a tomgirl by a gender neutral name. Watch she will want nothing to do with sports and be 100% girly girl haha. My little sister in law was upset because her parents wanted a boy..and when they found out she was a girl they pushed for her to be tomboyish. And shes super girly and feels like she was a mistake and not wanted. Ya get what ya get!

    • Em

      Tomboy not tomgirl***

  • Didi

    I’d rather have a tomboy daughter than a girly one but I would never push her to be someone else!you get what you get and you will love her little soul no matter what

  • Lori

    Wonder if she’ll get a job at playboy mansion like her mom.

  • tosyn anthony

    i would realy love her to name her daughter peyton,pls name her peyton

  • Albus

    A name doesn’t make any girl a tomboy, nor it’s something to impose on a kid. As far as i know it comes naturally. A girl name Caroline or Cindy can be tomboys. I don’t know. She sounds pretty ignorant.

  • SMH

    A child will be who they are no matter how hard you try to conform them. She may want her to be a tomboy but doesnt mean she will be. And parents should just let them be who they are. Doesnt mean you have to put her in frilly pink clothes or buy her dolls but it also doesnt mean one day she wont be asking for that stuff!

  • Danielle

    I wanted a tomboy like me too, instead I got the girliest girl to ever girl. Seriously, this girl farts sparkles and I love her to pieces anyway.

  • Danielle

    Agree Didi, I’m not the stereotypical girly girl, I did play with a mixture of toys when I was younger, I had dolls but i loved lego and climbing outdoors. I hope to do the same with my daughter, making sure she has a mixture of toys rather than boys/girls toys.
    Actually a big store here in the U.K has decided not to label toys as boys toy aisle and girls and just have a TOYS section. About time in 2014!

    Oh and someone should tell Kendra Vegan is not healthy, it’s really unhealthy!!!
    Cut out the crap, sugar, processed foods (white pasta, white bread). Eat whole foods and natural foods. Hope if she decides to go vegan she waits till after she’s finished breastfeeding, if chooses to that is.

    • Olivia

      Vegan can be very healthy indeed, you are quite incorrect.

    • Gina Guillotine

      Wow! As a vegan who experienced a vegan pregnancy, and who breastfed my daughter until she was 22 months old, and who has vegetarian children, let me say you are really misinformed.

      My doctors are always impressed by my bloodwork, they are always surprised at how healthy my kids are, and one of them has become a vegan himself at the age of 55 after doing his own research into the lies we’ve all been told about nutrition.

      Yep—some vegans can be unhealthy, just as some meat eaters can be. Meat doesn’t equate good health, nor does veganism. Both diets require a person to be mindful of what is consumed.

      Veganism isn’t lacking protein or B12, or vitamin D. It is, however, lacking unhealthful fats, and unhealthful additions of cholesterol because those are both found only in animal products.

      Some things that can be tricky for vegans to get are omegas and aminos, but that is easily solved with flax, hemp, black beans, walnuts, etc. we know where to get what we need. Name something you think we are missing, and we’ve got a vegan source for it. 🙂

      Many of us are very mindful of how we eat, mostly to keep skeptics at bay! Haha

      If Kendra wants to explore veganism, even if she did that while pregnant, it would be fine. As long as she isn’t living on chips and candy, it would be really hard for her to mess up her health.

    • Anonymous

      A vegan diet is safe at all stages of life, including pregnancy and breast feeding. As with all food plans, a mother must ensure she’s eating a well-balanced diet and supplementing nutrients like B-12 (to prevent neural tube problems in the fetus). This is true for vegans and omnivores alike.

      Your comment is ignorant and is not evidence based. It’s just as easy to eat an unhealthy omnivorous diet as it is to eat an unhealthy vegan diet. And both diets can be perfectly healthy for humans at all stages of life. Please consider your sources before making blanket statements based on opinion.

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