Jason Patric Continues Fight To See Son

Jason Patric appeared on The View on Friday (February 28) to discuss his battle with ex-girlfriend Danielle Schreiber. The actor has been trying to see their 4-year-old son Gus for over a year. However Schreiber has issued a request for a gag order.

Patric told the ladies on the show, “It wasn’t enough to take my son, it wasn’t enough to erase me from his life, but now she wants to take my First Amendment rights (to free speech) away, meaning if I ever speak about (my) child she wants me to go to jail.”

He also said, “I had a loving relationship with my son and it’s gone now. Danielle is completely erasing me from my child’s life. I’m leaving a public trail so he’ll know I did everything I could to be with him, that he wasn’t abandoned.”

Schreiber defended her request for a restraining order to forbid Patric from speaking about their son in public or private without her permission.

She released a statement which reads, “The purpose of the pending motion is not to prevent Patric from mentioning the name of my son privately, but rather to prevent him from exploiting my son and depriving him of the privacy to which all children are entitled.”

A hearing is set for April 17. Gus was conceived by artificial insemination using the actor’s sperm. U.S. law only recognizes him as a donor and will not give him paternity rights.

Patric, 47, recently told People, “I was a willing co-parent and still am. Danielle and I tried to conceive a child for three years. The only reason we did in vitro fertilization is because she could not conceive naturally. That does not make me a donor.”

The magazine reports that Schreiber, 41, argued back, “When Jason offered me his sperm, it was under the condition that his donation never be made public and that he would not be a father to the child. I chose to use a known donor over a stranger, but only after I knew the law would protect my ability to make the best decisions for my son.”

When Patric broke up with Schreiber in June 2012 – she began withholding access to Gus. After he filed a paternity case for custody a month later, a Los Angeles judge eventually ruled in Feb. 2013 he was a donor and therefore, by California law, not the natural father.

He’s also since launched Stand Up for Gus, an L.A.-based effort to raise funds for awareness of parental alienation. He is backed by stars including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Mel Gibson.

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  • Anonymous

    This case is so messed up. If she is telling the truth, then both parties should have signed a known donor contract before in vitro in which they both agreed that the donor forfeited paternity rights. If they didn’t sign a donor contract, then how is she currently winning this case? They were in a relationship…in what world does a child conceived by parents who are in a relationship with one another not count as a child of both parties if there is no donor contract in place? Plus, she let him see the kid for two years until she broke up with him? Sounds like she’s trying to withhold him from his rightful father based on a legal loophole. I feel for him and his son who will pay for his mothers’ selfishness the rest of his life.

  • mrs. trumbell

    between this case and the sheen/mueller/richards case, it looks to me like the LA family law courts are a joke.

  • Mitch

    I would suggest that Jason have his lawyer look into a case recently decided in Topeka, KS., in which a man agreed to be a sperm donor to some friend ( lesbians) who wanted a baby! They drew up a contract in which it was stated that he was merely the donor an wanted no parental rights to the child. The couple broke up, and the lady who was the single parent of the child went to get assistance from social services in Kansas was asked who the father was. His name was provided and because the insemination had not been done by/through a doctor, even though he signed away his parental rights/any involvement to the child, he has been ordered by the court to pay child support for the child.

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