Daphne Oz Names Daughter Philomena Bijou Jovanovic

New mom Daphne Oz announced her daughter’s name on Tuesday’s The Chew. She tweeted beforehand, “@thechew is back live today & I’m calling in to say hello to Uncles Clinty, Mario, Michael & Auntie Carla! now, back to beautiful baby! xx”

During the show via Skype – the co-host told her audience that the baby’s name is Philomena Bijou Jovanovic. Oz, 28, also said that she and her husband John call her “Philo” and occasionally “PBJ.”

The baby was born on Wednesday, Feb. 26 in New York City. She arrived at 10:03 p.m., weighing in at 6 lbs., 13 oz. and measuring 20.5 inches long.

The daughter of Dr. Mehmet Oz told People in December that they wanted the baby’s sex to be a surprise.

“Everything will be a surprise,” she explained. “If I found out by accident, I wouldn’t care, but I’m not going to ask.”

She also joked, “I come to work and get fed delicious food! Chicken wings and cake at 9 a.m.? It’s a pregnant lady’s dream.”

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  1. savannah

    Philomina and Bijou are both ugly names.

  2. Anabelle

    While I hate the names Philomena and Bijou, I’m living the PBJ nickname! xx

  3. Gemi

    I think Philomena is cute…. I assume she will be called, “Mena”.

  4. I love that naturally occurring nickname, just gushing w/ the love they have for her.

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