Josh Duhamel & Fergie’s Dapper Darling

Josh Duhamel posted an adorable photo of Axl via Instagram on Sunday (March 2). The actor wrote: “I’d like to thank the academy for this excellent bib.”

Meanwhile Fergie has been standing a little lower lately. The singer recently told People, “My everyday heels have become lower. But on the other hand I’m still a woman — and women like to dress up — so high heels are still very much in the mix!”

Having recently launched her footwear line Fergie Footwear – is a children’s clothing collection in the works?

“Not yet. Well my plate is pretty full at the moment. I keep a wait and see attitude about any other design partnership as I always want to make sure that the product is true to me. Do I see myself designing clothes someday? Hmmm … maybe.”

In another interview with Extra’s Terri Seymour – Fergie gushed, “The best part of being a mom is hanging out with my kid.”

She shared, “Daddy is trying to teach him (to say) ‘ball’ and I’m trying to teach him ‘dance’.” (Josh) is dad of the year. He’s the best partner to have a kid with.”

Talking about being open on posting photos of Axl she said, “We’re trying to be liberal and feel normal and love our son. We’re normal proud parents who want to post pictures of their kid.”

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