Feed Baby The Smart Way With Difrax’s Smart S•Bottle

If you’re looking for an innovative way to bottle-feed your bundle of joy, Difrax’s new Smart S•Bottle is the perfect choice! Not only does it come in an array of lovely colors that will delight baby, it also features a revolutionary S•shaped design and valve in the base that keeps the nipple full of milk and free of any air. This will help your baby swallow less air while feeding, reducing the risk of earache, burping, vomiting, and colic!

The Smart S•Bottle’s valve prevents a vacuum from being created when the baby sucks, ensuring a constant flow of milk. Baby can therefore feed undisturbed and then sleep longer and more peacefully afterwards! It also features a non-spill measuring cap and an unscrewable base that makes it easy to clean and fill with breastmilk frozen into cubes! The bottle’s nipple also has a soft finish that feels like a natural breast, enabling baby to get a better grip when feeding. With three different nipple sizes available, the S•bottle can be used from birth and is ideal for combining breastfeeding and bottle-feeding.

As well as all these benefits, the bottle is also better for you!  The modern S•shaped design also allows the feeding adult and baby to sit in a relaxed, ergonomically sound position, reducing the risk of strain on the back and shoulders. Always make sure to hold the S∙bottle with the short side at the top when feeding your baby.

Available in a variety of sizes to best accommodate baby’s age and mama’s choice to combine with breastfeeding. Be sure to check it out on Difraxusa.com and soon in Babies R Us Stores.



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