Don’t Try to Be The Perfect Mother: Embrace Imperfections

From our friends at Fit Pregnancy!

Her kids always sleep through the night; she always has dinner on the table; she “gets her body back” two months after labor; she never gets tired (ha!); and never feels like she’s running on empty (which is totally possible, if “never” means “usually.”) Does this sound like a standard of motherhood you’d like to achieve?

Think about it: No woman is that mother. The myth that the woman described above is our ultimate symbol of “Good Motherhood” chips away at women’s self-esteem and maternal confidence when no one can live up to that ideal.

For Avital Norman Nathman, editor of The Good Mother Myth (Seal Press), a collection of 35 essays published last month, this vision of the “good” mother is a serious problem. Nathman and her book’s contributors tackle that problem in a way that’s both honest and refreshing.

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