Shakira: “I Would Love To Have 8 Or 9 Kids”

The Voice star Shakira covers Latina and opens up about her happy family life with football star Gerard  Piqué and their 1-year-old son Milan.

On if she wants more children: “If it weren’t because of my music projects I would be pregnant already. I would love to have eight or nine kids with Gerard—my own fútbol team.”

On how having her son has made it simpler to make music: “I used to go in circles around an idea, but since he arrived I don’t have much time—I have to rush back home—so he has helped me learn how to focus.”

On how her son has changed her relationship with her fans: “When you have a baby, when you feel his love, you feel so at peace with the world. You just want to share the good news and share how happy you feel. I have so many people out there that celebrate with me when they know that I’m happy. And they hate it when they know that I’m suffering because someone has hurt me. In a way I feel supported and, in a very strange way, accompanied through life. They express so much love for Milan, so much affection. I can only hope that as he grows up he learns how to give that love back to all of those people that give him so much every day.”

On her relationship with Gerard: “He’s with me because he wants to be with Shakira the person, not the celebrity. There’s real love, there’s no ulterior motives. And I’m with him because he’s the most amazing man I’ve ever met. We want the same things, we like the same things, we hate the same things. I have never been with someone so passionate in my life.”

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  • Jenn

    Celebrities always say they want a ton of kids, lol.

  • Emily

    I like her and I wish her 8 or 9 kids;)

  • Laine

    I doubt she wants more children. Work can always be used as an excuse.

  • Zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    They always say that because regardless of how many they have, the nannies wind up taking care of them anyway.

  • Juli

    Well, she could have 8 or 9 kids if she wanted. It’s ridiculous to say that she can’t because of her busy work schedule etc.

    She has a ton of money and her partner is making millions as well. It’s not like they depend on her working 14 hours a day at the local grocery store…

    Celebrities should either be honest about why they are not having the 8 or 9 they’d want or just not say anything….

  • nana

    money and fame is priority I guess.

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