Kendra Wilkinson: “I Feel Like I Am The Perfect Teacher For A Young Girl”

Kendra On Top Star Kendra Wilkinson was spotted at last week’s OK! Magazine’s Pre-Oscar Party, held at Greystone Manor in Hollywood. At the event, sponsored by Rock Your Hair hair products, CIROC and DSW, the reality star and other celebrity parents like Tia Mowry and Candace Cameron-Bure celebrated the Oscars and enjoyed music by special guest DJ, Havana Brown.

Celebrity Baby Scoop had the chance to catch up with the expectant mama of 4-year-old son Hank. Clad in a chic black dress and white blazer, she updated us about how she’s been feeling during her pregnancy.

“It’s been okay,” she shared. “I am in a lot of pain, but so far I feel like I’ve been the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. I am on a better diet now than I am when I am not pregnant! Better diet meaning I’m eating better…when I eat, it’s healthy.”

The reality star also told us what she is looking forward to the most in  having a daughter.

“Getting the chance to have this challenge and this little person. You know, I lived my life as a young girl and as a young woman. I feel like I know the key, and I feel like I wouldn’t have another kid if I didn’t feel like I had the key to life. I feel like having a girl is it and that it’s meant to be and I am up for the challenge. I want to solve this whole puzzle of life, where I want to take whatever I learned and teach it her. We wouldn’t have had another kid if our son didn’t turn out great like he is. We are so excited and ready for the challenge.”

And on whether she wants her future daughter to be just like her:

“Do I want her to be like me and live like me? Certain things, yes, but I went off a little bit into my own world, into drugs, so that’s definitely not it. However, do I want her to be herself, find herself, and not feel so much pressure? Yes. I feel like I have the key for her to do that. I feel like I am the perfect teacher for a young girl and for young girls everywhere. Even for my neighbors, I am like their life coach; I give them advice for life and they listen.  I feel like it’s time to have a girl now.”

The event was also sponsored by Le Vian Exquisite Jewelry, Cottonelle, and Every Drop Water Filter by Whirlpool.

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  1. Anonymous

    “I feel like I am the perfect teacher for a young girl and for young girls everywhere.”

    Says a former playmate/girlfriend of Hugh Hefner. HAHAHAHAHHHHAAAAAA… Hugh freakin’ Hefner….. A man born 3 years BEFORE the great depression….. A man old enough to be her GREAT-grandfather.

    “We wouldn’t have had another kid if our son didn’t turn out great like he is.”

    So, Kendra, what you’re basically saying is couples who choose to have just 1 child are “unsatisfied” with that kid and that’s why they don’t want to have a 2nd/more? This woman- I just can’t…..

  2. News Hound

    How to ‘shun’ your mother (Patti Wilkinson) when she questions why you sold your baby news to a tabloid rather than letting the family in on the happy news first? Why fans had to tell Patti via facebook the ‘happy news’? Disgusting. You should pray your daughter doesn’t treat you the way you’ve treated your mom.

  3. Heather

    If she has learned from where she’s been and what she did then maybe should would be good about giving good advice. They will figure it out.

  4. savannah

    Kendra is delusional . I don’t think any mother with young daughters want Kendra to be their daughter role model. after all she just some random girl who was a girlfriend of Hugh.

    • jai

      You women are jealous…Kendra is beautiful, she is beautiful pregnant and she wears it well. It seems that she has a wonderful relationship with her husband/family and yes she should be her daughters role model, that is how it is suppose to be. This generation of kids do not understand consequences or know how it feels to make a mistake and learn from it, or to not make the sports team because they actually suck and try again next time. Celebrities should not be your child’s role model. Kendra can teach her daughter about life lessons and what not to do because she has been there and done that. Everyone has a different path to follow. Just because her path was different then yours doesn’t mean her light will not and should not shine You guys need to get off your high horse and do something meaningful with your life. Oh yeah btw that random girl that was Huge Hefner girlfriend years ago turn out alright!!

  5. savannah

    The girl is only 28 now and was 19 when she did her first spread in playboy.
    some girl know not to do playboy when they are young because they know the judgmental outcome years later.

    • Kinky

      ummm, why don’t we all stop being so judgmental…LOL shocking concept. I am sorry, I just think the women on this site are being extra. But maybe I am just naive and not understanding the bigger picture. So I will look at it from everyone’s else perspective since i am the only one who thinks its weird. Thanks for replying 🙂

  6. Anon

    She was also one of Hue Hefner paid hoe’s who slept with him in exchange for money and housing for many years. So it’s not like it was a one time thing she did at 19.

  7. Bijou

    The ladder of success in Hollywood is usually a press agent, actor, director, producer, leading man; and you are a star if you sleep with each of them in that order. Crude, but true.

    Hedy Lamarr:

    This is for those with the negative comments.

  8. Alice

    Ha, I’m laughing right now! I know one thing, Kendra, as a mom to five little girls I sure as heck wouldn’t hire you as the babysitter!

  9. News Hound

    I would like to add that “Kinky” posting on the comment section of this article is actually Kendra Wilkinson herself. She has two give aways that prove it is her, the “LOL” is her trademark go-to comment on twitter. Also, who would know she posed for Playboy at 19? I always thought she moved to the playboy mansion at 17. So only Kendra or “Kinky” herself would know this and be the LOL’ster. Sorry Kendra, I’m so on to you it’s amazeballs.

  10. anonymous

    Gosh, I wouldn’t even want a child to know who she is, be in the same room as her or hear a single word out of her mouth.

  11. Doreen

    It is easy to judge…she seems to be a strong person and this is always something good!

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