Rachel Zoe: “Kaius’ First Trip To The Office”

Rachel Zoe’s son Kai visited mommy at work on Tuesday (March 4). The celebrity stylist wrote via Instagram: “Kaius’ first trip to the office…he loved meeting Team Zoe obvi #nofilterneeded #angel #kaiusjagger.”

The 2-month-old was also cuddled by one of her employees. Zoe wrote: “Look what happens on Kiaus Jagger’s first day at the office with his @kendallelisec #instantlove #toocuteforwords #workingmom.”

In another tweet Zoe – who dressed celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Garner at the Oscars -told fans the next day, “Reality check on morning after Oscars on no sleep at 5:45am “mommy STOP SLEEPING” ..#MommyProblems #workingmom xoRZ”

Motherhood is her priority. She recently had to cancel her February 13 fashion show in New York City because of Kai.

She explained to WWD, “While I look forward to New York Fashion Week each season, I’ve made the difficult decision to move our fall 2014 runway show from Feb. 13 in New York to a later date in Los Angeles. As a new mother, my newborn son is too young to travel with me, and I’m unable to leave him for the amount of time required to appropriately prepare for the show in New York.”

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  • Mom

    What a cutie!!

  • Jenn

    He’s gorgeous just like his brother.

  • SMH

    Beautiful. He already resembles Skylar!

  • Laura


  • Laine

    What a lovely boy!

  • jool

    So cute (for some reason, he reminds me of Harry Styles)

  • Zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    Awwww what big beautiful eyes!

  • B

    He looks like E.T.

    • xyzc

      Maybe he is one. Anorexic beetch Rachel has never been preggers. Hooray for prosthetic bellies and surrogates

      • Marie

        You are pathetic

        • Laine

          I agree.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if she’s going to make this one into a girl too.

    • Jessicad

      Because it’s Jewish tradition not to cut hair until 3 or because she doesn’t dress her boys in blue clothing with trucks or baseballs all over them? Open your mind a little and stop being an anonymous jerk.

  • Renata

    One thing for sure is that they make beautiful kids.

  • Anonymous

    Jessidad/@$$hole, who said anything about the hair?

    • Marie

      Outside of the length of Skyler’s hair, what would make you say a comment about turning this one into a girl too? You are a joke and a pathetic one at that.

    • Jenn

      And isn’t it funny whoever you are that you’re too scared to put your real name and constantly hide under Anonymous? Pathetic.

      • Didi

        Did you get that you can write every name and be anonymous at the same time commenting?

      • Any Name I Want To Be

        You think you’re less anonymous because you wrote “Jenn” in the little name box???

  • Sophia

    I’m not much of a fan of Rachel Zoe, but man she makes some pretty babies!

  • A. Smyth

    So cute, the bags under his eyes are EXACTLY like Rachel’s!!! (he is actually cute, I just wanted to make that joke because – let’s be honest – Rachel has a monster face)

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