Craig Morgan: “I’ve Always Appreciated Where I Am At”

Country music star Craig Morgan is working to keep families safe from potential home fires! As the spokesperson for KIDDE Fire Safety’s new “Be a Safety Hero” initiative, Craig is helping to donate 5,000 smoke alarms and educating families on fire safety during his VA Mortgage Leader Presents Craig Morgan The Journey Tour.

Celebrity Baby Scoop chats with Craig about his work with KIDDE and why he will donate his time and support for anything “that involves children or our military.” The country star also shared the “give and take” secret to his marriage and the “off-the-wall” stuff that fans can expect to see in the 5th season of Craig Morgan’s All Access Outdoors!

CBS: You were a former first responder and rescued two young children from a burning house.  Is that why you got involved with KIDDE’s Be A Safety Hero Campaign? Tell us a little about the goals of the program.  What’s your role in this initiative? 

CM: “No, I got involved with KIDDE’s ‘Be A Safety Hero’ program because of what they are doing. I think it’s awesome! I will say this, any time I am given the opportunity to do something that involves children or our military and we’re able to do it, we will do it. They are very important to me. Having been in the military and having children myself, those are two things that we focus our energies and efforts towards.

In regard to the program’s goals, the big thing is information and education– educating people on the importance of maintaining working smoke detectors and educating the children on escape routes in the home and those kinds of things. So many lives are lost in home fires, and in the majority of those homes where the lives were lost, there were no smoke alarms at all or there were no working smoke alarms. The objective of KIDDE’s program is to prevent the loss of lives by providing proper working smoke alarms and, again, through education.

For my role, I am a spokesperson and I get to give away a bunch of smoke alarms! They’ve given me 5,000 smoke alarms that we are giving away across the country to various fire departments throughout our tour.”

CBS: Kidde is donating 5,000 of its Worry –Free sealed battery alarms to fire departments at stops on your 2014 The Journey Tour.  Based on your experience, will this make a difference in preventing fire tragedies?

CM: “Absolutely! We started this program in my hometown of Dickson, and we got a letter from a 78-year-old lady who had received a set of the smoke alarms. The fire department there actually went out and installed them for her to ensure that they were working properly. I got a letter from her, thanking me, and I believe with everything that’s in me that these things will save lives.”

CBS: What are some other things families should know about preventing fires and what to do in case of a fire? 

CM: “I think one of the most important things that none of us do, myself included up until recently, is educating our children on the escape routes in case there is a fire. Help the kids know which way to get out, based on where the fire is. It’s something as simple as just walking through the house and talking about it. You might require an escape ladder or something like that, which might be a small investment, but generally it’s not about investing money; it’s just a little bit of time to educate the children and everybody in the home on what they need to do in the event of a fire.”

CBS: You have a marriage that has spanned more than two  and a half decades.  What is your secret to success?

CM: “I stay away as much as I can. [laughs] No, I’m kidding. I think it’s a give and take; you have to hope that you’re both giving and taking at the right time. When you aren’t, you just can’t give up. Our society has made it so easy for everybody these days to quit and walk away from a relationship. I think the simple thing is to not give up…even though it might be bad right now and you think there is something better around the corner, usually when you get around the corner, you wish you were back where you were.”

CBS: You have four beautiful kids.  What are some of your fondest memories of being a Dad?  Do you think you parent your sons differently from how you parented your daughter?

CM: “Man, just watching them grow up. It’s just that they say the coolest and greatest things. There’s actually a TV show named after it, Kids Say The Darndest Things, and so on and so forth. A lot of these shows come from the kids and it’s just amazing to see their thought processes, growth, and the amount of love that they have for their parents, unconditional love really.

Are there differences between parenting a son and parenting a daughter? Oh, without a doubt!”

CBS: How tough was it to give Alex away at her wedding?  What advice would you give other fathers facing that momentous day?

CM: “It wasn’t tough; it was one of those moments where you really take everything in. Fortunately for us, she was marrying a good young man that we were excited about and we love. He’s part of our family now. It wasn’t like she was marrying some kid that I didn’t like, but that wouldn’t happen anyway because he would have went on somewhere else! [laughs]

For other fathers facing that momentous day, it’s going to happen eventually, so I would say to hope and pray for the best. Hope that your daughter finds and falls in love with someone who is going to be good for her. What’s good for her might not be good for you, and, ultimately, we have to accept that it’s not about us, it’s about them. When you pray for their happiness, I think it all works out.”

CBS: How has your household changed since Alex moved out and you now have a house full of boys? What do you like to do together as a family?  

CM: “It hasn’t really changed a lot. My daughter still comes over pretty regularly and our boys are bigger now. It’s not a lot of change. It’s a little weird not having her around all the time, but she still calls every day! [laughs]

We always do fun stuff together as a family. We cook out and hang out in the house. Racing was also a big thing for us, so we still get together to ride dirt bikes and race. Hunting is also a big thing for our family, and during the hunting season, there are particular times where we and all of the kids go out and hunt together.”

CBS: You’ve been a popular music artist for almost 15 years now.  How have you grown as an artist over that time?  What, in your music, do you think resonates with with your fans? 

CM: “I think vocally for sure. I think my vocals have gotten stronger and I’ve gotten smarter at learning how to take care of them. Early on, it was difficult because I was just getting started and was talking way too much and so on and so forth. I think that that is probably one of the bigger things. I am one where I’ve always appreciated where I am at and I expected at any moment for someone to come tell me that I was done and needed to do something else. I’ve been really fortunate and have never taken one second of it for granted. I’ve been extremely grateful for every opportunity that I’ve been given.

In regard to what resonates with my fans, I think it is the reality and the relatable content. I sing and write about stuff that I know about and I feel like I live the same lifestyle that a majority of the people listening to our format also lives. I am not a guy who lives above his means and I’m not a rock star; I am a country boy and I sing country music. I am not a guy who sings country music who really wanted to be a rock star. I am a country boy who sings country music for a living. I still plow my own field, work my own garden, take care of my own bees, and I take my own trash out. I do all of the same crap that everybody else does, the only difference is that my work hours are a little different than theirs.”

CBS: Congratulations on winning the Outdoor Channel’s first ever Humanitarian Award.  How has working with the US Military and Folds of Honor affected your life?

CM: “It’s awesome! They are one of my favorite organizations because of what they do. As I said earlier, the two things that we focus on a lot that put a lot of our energies towards are our children, anything that we can do for kids, and the military. In my opinion, Folds Of Honor is an organization that takes care of both. They provide scholarships for children of military individuals who have lost their lives or can no longer provide that source for them.

It’s a very rewarding thing that is very humbling. I am proud to work with them and I tell people all of the time that without our armed forces, we would not live the lives that we live. I say that but I’m not sure if people truly understand the real ramifications. If we are not careful and maintain a secure nation, nothing else matters and we won’t have the financial status and religious beliefs that we have. If we are not a secure nation, nothing else will matter—we will be overtaken. We have to be really careful in how we vote and how we deal with that. It’s important that we maintain a strong military and strong military presence.”

CBS: What can we expect to see in the 5th season of Craig Morgan’s All Access Outdoors?  

CM: “A lot of very, very cool stuff. In the fifth season there will be some off-the-wall stuff that people haven’t seen before, if you can believe that because we’ve done some pretty dumb stuff. [laughs] There will be a lot more of the family and friends on the show this year.”

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What a down to earth guy! If you want some more music like that – and an artist that is genuinely as nice as Craig Morgan – check out Jerrod Niemann! I’m in love with his song I Can Drink to That All Night!