Kristin Cavallari Will Not Be Vaccinating Her Children

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It’s been four years since the medical journal that originally published the link between vaccinations and autism retracted their paper. At the time, they stated that the researcher behind the paper was not honest in his presentation of the data and “it has become clear that several elements of the 1998 paper by Wakefield . . . are incorrect.” But the anti-vaccination movement is still going strong and from the looks of things, shows no signs of slowing down.

The latest anti-vaccine advocate appears to be former reality star Kristin Cavallari, of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame. During an appearance on FOX News yesterday, Cavallari was asked her views on vaccination, to which she sheepishly admitted that she did not vaccinate her 1-year-old son with Chicago Bear Jay Cutler, Camden.

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  • Laine

    That’s why these viruses are creeping back, because of people like her who believe the hype they hear from misinformed mouth pieces like Jenny McCarthy. She is leaving her child vulnerable to diseases.

    • SiervaMaria

      It blows my mind how some have allowed Jenny McCarthy to be the arbiter of anything let alone something as serious as vaccines! “She said it so it must be” is scary.

    • Gg

      This is whats in our vaccines, Look up all the ingredients, its horrible!! NO MORE VACCINES FOR ME, MY CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN.

      Ingredients-Aluminum potassium sulfate, bovine extract, formaldehyde, thimerosal (multi-dose) or thimerosal[2] (single-dose), and also mercuy in our flu shoots! YUKKKK!
      Would you want this in your babies body, I wish more people would research what they are putting in our beautiful creations1

  • I find it disgusting that parents are more worried that their children will have autism then them catching a horrible disease that could/will affect their child’s quality of life or kill them. It has been proven over and over by doctors that there is no link between vaccinations and autism. Even if there was, how is a child with autism worse than a child with measles, mumps and rubella? Put another way, how is a living child with autism worse than a dead child with ignorant and idiotic parents?

    Yes, autism diagnoses are on the rise, but that’s due to the better understanding of the symptoms of the disorder NOT vaccinations. There are many types of autism as well, many individuals with autism lead perfectly normal lives. As a final note, autism has been around since humans were still hunters and gathers, meaning long before vaccinations.

    • Leah

      So, so true, Jenni. I never thought about it like that. I would rather my child have autism than all the other things that could KILL my child. Makes me so angry that my children are around children who have not being vaccinated.

      • toto

        But why does it make you angry if you’re child is vaccinated? Your child is protected from the disease so you have nothing to worry about.

        • Ellie

          Vaccines are not 100% effective. Without doing titres to confirm antibodies, you can’t say with 100% certainty whether a vaccinated child is immune. That is well known and accepted by both pro and anti vaccine camps.

          Also it goes without saying that children who are too young or too ill to be vaccinated depend on others being vaccinated. That is another legitimate reason it may make someone angry.

  • Jessica

    Wow just wow. People who don’t vaccinate are ignorant. They DONT cause autism. And if you want to minimize any risks you do a delayed schedule. So many diseases are coming back, heck there’s a huge measles outbreak here in Orange County ca. They are quarantining some children as we speak. I have held dying children in Africa dying of these very diseases that we in modern cultures have access to vaccines to. I can’t fathom not vaccinating and making my child a higher risk. Heck people don’t realize travels now can kill your kid. I can go to Africa and then since I get exposed to diseases I won’t get them I’m vaccinated but I’ve been exposed, I come home and say within a couple weeks i come in contact at the store with an unvaccinated child- I just exposed the disease to them and now they are highly likely going to get it. That’s how the cycle works. You don’t necessarily need to be exposed to someone with the actual disease. It should be law to vaccinate but have a choice to delay schedule.
    All these diseases coming back, it’s going to get scary if people continue to be afraid of vaccines.

  • she is so ignorant… she probly thinks her hubbys millions can keep the kid healthy… duh!

  • Jenn

    I live close to a small community in Canada where there has recently been a small measles outbreak, about 100 now infected. It is slowly spreading to the general public. It all started at a school where the children weren’t vaccinated. Hopefully no one will die or have any other serious complications due to these children not being vaccinated.

  • K

    While I do think the anti-vaccinators have a point, straight up not inoculating is foolhardy. Any pediatrician worth a darn has (or knows of) a delayed vaccination schedule. That is a good compromise, imo.

  • Molly

    My son has autism & was vaccinated (and will continue) on schedule. Autism is not caused by vaccinating children. If it were, 100 out of 100 would have autism. Jenny McCarthy was incredibly irresponsible to make sweeping judgments about the cause of her son’s autism & claiming he’s “cured”. The absolute last person anyone should listen to is Jenny McCarthy. Not vaccinating is irresponsible for all the reasons listed above. And additionally, Cavallari implies having a child with autism is a preventable situation. Spreading ignorance helps no one.

  • amanda

    Would if people aren’t vaccinating their children not because of Autism, but they simply don’t like putting chemicals like Formaldehyde, Mercury, Aluminum into their children.

    • Didi

      Amen to that!

    • Jim

      Try giving your child the care and nutrients he/she needs to develop a healthy immune system the way nature intended. Stop trying to play god. Some of your immunized children should probably fall into the natural selection category anyways. Please keep raising your “slow wildebeest” children with their vaccines so my child will prevail on top.

    • BobaFett

      Hooray! For the IgnoRANTS have arrived!

      Please don’t let the real truth (not the “amanda/Didi version” of it) about vaccines hit the foil hat off of your head

  • Devon

    Where did Kristin say vaccines cause autism or that she is not vaccinating at all? I find the rabidness of the pro-vaccine crowd to be off putting, as evidenced in many of the comments here. To suggest vaccination should be a law? Free societies should not legislate people’s medical decisions, even if you disagree with them. We have a right to our own bodies and as parents we choose what we believe to be best for our children, not the government.

    Can we talk about the rise in the number if vaccines children are supposed to get before age one? Do you realize that unless you sign papers declining it, your newborn infant will be given the hepatitis B vaccine? Is this really necessary for ALL babies?

    By the age of 2, children will have received 26 doses and up to 5 vaccines at one time. By the age if 6, 49 doses of 14 vaccines. By the age of 18, 69 doses of 16 vaccines.

    While many parents may be perfectly comfortable with this schedule, many are not. Do your own research and decide which vaccines are important to you. Not everyone thinks it is necessary to do vaccines such as the flu or chicken pox.

    And if you are a parent who chooses to vaccinate then you should feel confident that your children are not as risk from those who choose not to.

    • Anonymous9

      You should read up on “Herd Immunity” before you decide that other children are not at risk from those who choose not to vaccinate. You are, quite simply, wrong. Diseases mutate, when there are more hosts, there are more chances for them to mutate. Net result is that those vaccinated may not have immunities to the newly mutated virus/disease.

      • Christie

        Not so fast. Do you know that the oral polio vaccine is responsible for mutations of the virus?!

        • Ellie

          It’s not “responsible” for mutations. Bacteria and viruses mutate, all the time, no matter what humans do. They’ve becoming mutating for millions of years, long before humans even existed, simply because they have a fast rate of reproduction and an high error rate in replication. We may alter the selective pressure on them (whether it’s by washing our hands, cooking our meat thoroughly before eating it or vaccinating) but we cannot stop mutations from occurring regardless.

  • mel

    I don’t see what’s the problem here. She has a right to have opinion and to chose to vaccinate her child or not. People really liked to make a debut out of nothing lol She did not disrespect people who vaccinate their children so why should we attack her? I’m not a fan of her but she has read books and it’s not irrational.

  • Gemi

    Great, another celebrity who supports this nonsense.

  • Sophia

    Non-vaccinating parents aren’t “ignorant”…. sorry (and I know mine is an unpopular opinion here), but they’ve probably done more research than parents who vaccinate simply because of fear-mongering or because they’re afraid of being deemed bad parents. There are certainly merits to both stances, I personally believe that a child’s immune system, if properly nourished, will be all the protection he/she needs against disease. Obviously there are certain illnesses that are more dangerous than others and can’t necessarily be fought off by the body alone, but a 2 month polio vaccine, for example, seems pretty ridiculous to me. Pumping a baby’s body full of vaccines against this that and the other isn’t boosting it so much as it’s not allowing the natural immune system to do the one job it was made for. JMO.

    • Sophia

      That said, after reading what Kristin actually said about her reasoning behind their choice, it’s pretty obvious that she’s not particularly well-informed. Ah well.

    • Ellie

      It’s ironic, though, that you think it’s “fear-mongering” that causes people to vaccinate when it’s more likely, in my experience, to be fear that motivates people not to vaccinate. What else but fear of side-effects would convince people that vaccinating is not worth the risk?

      In a sense giving a vaccine is allowing the immune system to do the one job it was made for. It can’t tell where a polysaccharide or protein came from. Was it injected by a needle, or a mosquito, or did it come in through a graze on the knee? It doesn’t matter to the immune system, it will process and respond to the antigen exactly the same way.

  • Campbell

    “I find it disgusting that parents are more worried that their children will have autism then them catching a horrible disease that could/will affect their child’s quality of life or kill them.”

    Jenni, do you ignorantly think that autism does not affect a child’s life? Is autism a disease or illness you can beat? NO. There is not a cure for autism. It is something the child and family battle the entire life of the child.

    How are you so certain vaccines do no cause autism? Are you scientist? Where is your data? Have you conducted in depth studies and dedicated your life to research? You sound like parrot, just regurgitating what you are told.

    Did you know that the SV-40 virus, that was in the polio vaccine for 8 years and administered during an eight year span to over 98 million Americans, is now deemed a cancer causing virus. It is linked to bone cancer. That is from the CDC’s mouth. No that is not Autism, but cancer sucks too.

    The reality is, there is not a definitive answer right now of what these vaccines are doing to our precious, developing children. They contain Mercury, Formaldehyde, Aluminum, perservatives and MSG just to name a few.

    Vaccines have saved lives and in theory, are the answer. But a clean vaccine, that does not contain the above ingredients, does not exist in America.

    Please, people, before you join in on a witch hunt for people that do not agree with vaccinations, educate yourself.

  • Bec

    We’ll said Sophia, every parent is allowed to make an informed choice, most ” vaccinating parents” are the type who belive the government actually wants to help them- lol

  • SMH

    As a parent you have the right to tell yohr pediatrician you want a delayed vaccination schedule meaning your child recieves the vaccines but spread out over time.
    Vaccines are important they could mean the difference between life and death.

  • I’m shocked to see the anger in some of these comments! Claiming a parent is “ignorant” for a decision they have made is an unfair statement. You have no idea how much research they’ve done or their reasoning behind their decision. The doctors say that getting vaccinated protects your child against diseases so for those who have vaccinated their children why would you be angry at your child being around one who hasn’t been? Makes no sense. Society needs to worry less about what other people are doing with their lives and concentrate more on what’s going on in your own home. No one is perfect so you can’t judge others.

  • Marisa Niles

    If you are one of the parents who vaccinate their children then, your kids are safe. No need to worry and criticize those who don’t’! It’s our own children! And if we are not vaccinating believe me, we have done more research than you.

  • Margo

    My concerns are that these cancer cell lines in vaccines are not tested on people, only rats and monkeys and only for a short period, no long term studies have been done. Considering cancer is increasing – (now 1 in 2 in some states of the USA) we should seriously be questioning what is in the vaccines we are receiving.

    “Cell lines historically used for vaccine manufacture include human diploid cell lines from fetal lung tissue for rubella, polio, hepatitis A, rabies and varicella; diploid monkey cells for rotavirus and rabies; and kidney cells from African green monkey (Vero) for polio.
    Tumorigenic cell lines came into use following consideration of the risks and benefits by the VRBPAC in 1998. PER.C6, an immortalized human fetal retinal cell, was the first tumorigenic cell line used in the production of a vaccine. It was used to produce a replication-defective adenovirus-vectored HIV-1 vaccine.

    That cell line was considered safe because it was producing replication-defective virus and because the mechanism of immortalization was known, creating comfort around the use of those cells.

    Other tumorigenic cell lines have been approved on a case-by-case basis. Such cells may be the only substrate possible for propagating certain vaccine viruses. The current meeting is a continuation of discussions of scientific considerations of the use of the new cell lines and risks that may be associated with them.

    The proposed new cell lines are a CEM leukemia T-cell line, an A549 lung adenocarcinoma cell line and a HeLa cervical carcinoma cell line.

    CBER has asked that those cell lines be considered as representative of the class of tumor-derived cell lines in order to solicit recommendations that would be applicable to others, both human and nonhuman, proposed for manufacture in the future.

    The CEM T-cell line is derived from a patient with leukemia, and is suitable for HIV-1 strains using co-receptor CXCR4. The A549 cell line is from a person with adenocarcinoma of the lung, and is amenable to growth of replication-competent adenoviruses for some investigational vaccines.

    The HeLa cell line is derived from cervical carcinoma. HeLa has been used broadly for research purposes and is permissive to the growth of many human viruses, including adeno-associated virus (AAV) for gene therapy applications and for vaccines.

    Concerns – and potential hazards – involved with the use of tumorigenic cell lines include the possible presence of residual live cells that could cause tumor growth, residual DNA from the cell substrate, and contamination with adventitious agents, such as viruses that contribute to the tumorigenic phenotype.”

  • Bombqueesha

    Sorry but why should you have to vaccinate YOUR child if you choose not to??

  • Karen

    I also have a child with Autism and do believe that vaccinations did play a role. He was completely fine until his 18 months shots. But not to just single out autism , but 1 in 6 children are sick. Juvenile diabetes , ADD, ADHD., aspergers, autism just to name a few ailments that children are facing every day, Our children are sick and no one is really addressing the issues of WHY? Ever since the late 1980’s when vacination schedule tripled did we start to see this influx of problems with our children. I think every parent has a right to do what they think is right for their child. PERIOD!

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