5 Celebs Who Split Up Before Marriage

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The American public seems to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with celebrities; sometimes we adore them (Sandra Bullock), sometimes we find them self-righteous and beyond arrogant (Donald Trump) and sometimes we don’t, for the life of us, understand at all what they are famous for (Paris Hilton and EVERY single Kardashian). In other words, we judge them; an act that, at its root, is innately unfair. We don’t even, after all, actually know them.

Public opinion and fame have always been a package deal, one can argue that the famous know that going in. They are also more than fairly compensated for the judgments they endure; the local bartender who goes off on an anti-Semitic rant will never be put under the scrutiny of Mel Gibson, but the local bartender doesn’t have a career that has netted him 600 million dollars either. READ THE ARTICLE: Break Up To Make Up: 5 Celebs Who Split Up Before They Married

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