Leah Remini: Sofia Is Ready For Our Reality Show

Leah Remini, her husband Angelo and their 9-year-old daughter Sofia are gearing up to expose their lives in a new reality show for TLC. The King of Queens actress explained why they decided to do it.

She told People, “People tell us, ‘You guys are funny.’ Other people find us entertaining, so we thought, ‘Let’s do it,’ My family is not so different from the rest of America. I think people love to see that, oh, just because she’s on television and in Hollywood, I can still relate to her.”

Remini laughed that Sofia is ready to be on camera stating, “She was like, ‘Where are the cameras? When do they show up? And do I get hair and makeup?’ She’s ready! They’re excited about it.”

The 44-year-old promises viewers that they will see how their family really lives.

“I don’t want to be doing a show that’s negative, that’s filled with drama. Things do come up in our lives. We are going through a transition, and we are leaning on each other. I hope people see growth from us, and I hope it inspires them to be who they are to each other and strengthen their relationships. I’m hoping that’s what people are going to take away from it. And if they laugh, even better.”

In another interview – she opened up that her departure from the Church of Scientology had to do with Sofia.

“In my house, it’s family first – but I was spending most of my time at the church,” she said. “So, I was saying ‘family first,’ but I wasn’t showing that. I didn’t like the message that sent my daughter.”

She also said that she resented her mother spending so much at church instead of at home when she was growing up.

She explained, “We went from a middle-class lifestyle [in Brooklyn] to living in a roach-infested motel with six other girls off a freeway in Clearwater.”

“The fact my mother stood by me after all her years in the church totally took away any resentment I may have been harboring,” Remini added. “When it mattered the most, my mother was there for me. It was the moment that erased all those days she wasn’t there.”

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  1. Dr.Al Georgescu MD

    I’m a very,very old fan (87 ) admiring you,from my very remote country.The best wishes! Dr.Al.G.( I could be your grandfather)

  2. Sheyla

    Leah looks great! and Sophia has really grown!

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