Soleil Moon Frye Introduces Son Lyric

Meet Lyric Sonny Roads Goldberg.

Punky Brewster alum Soleil Moon Frye introduced her newborn son via Instagram Friday. “My little love,” the proud mom captioned the sweet shot. “I’m crazy about this boy!!! Best way ever to spend the day!”

The actress, 37, and her husband Jason Goldberg welcomed their third child on February 10.

The proud mom recently posed with her baby boy – along with daughters Jagger Joseph Blue, 5½, and Poet Sienna Rose, 8 – in PEOPLE.

“[Lyric is] a huge baby out of my little body!” she said. “And he has the broadest shoulders — a total football player,” says the 5’1″ actress, who was grateful for the “bit of an epidural” she received in the delivery room.

“I could still totally feel my legs, which is great because I wouldn’t have been able to push him out otherwise. It was another level,” she shared.

In terms of losing the baby weight, she doesn’t feel any pressure to quickly drop the pounds.

“I try not to stress,” she shared. “I don’t want to set a bad example for my girls. I’m not saying I won’t be thrilled to go on some health regimen at some point, but we do fun stuff like Pasta Thursdays and Taco Tuesdays and I don’t want them to feel like Mommy doesn’t eat.”

As for her son’s unique moniker, it’s a blend of her favorite name, a bit of fate and an honor to her late father, actor and boxer Virgil Frye.

“While I was pregnant, we kept seeing the word ‘lyric’ over and over again. We’re big believers in signs. So it was meant to be,” she said. “Sonny was the nickname of my dad and Roads is a name we love. We always wanted ‘Roadie’ as a nickname.”

As for Lyric’s big sisters, “They’re totally in love with their baby brother,” said the proud mom. “I had no idea how much Jagger wanted another baby. She was so excited not to be the youngest anymore!”

And it sounds like mom and dad are pretty happy too.

“Lyric is the most loving, sweet, yummy, delicious baby,” she gushed. “We’re a full house of love right now.”

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  • Sue for you

    Congrats Punky Brewster! Always nice to hear one of my favorite actresses having a baby!

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