Kevin Sorbo: “God Has Been A Big Part Of My Kids’ Lives”

Kevin Sorbo stars in the upcoming God’s Not Dead. The movie – due for release on March 21 – was inspired by the Christian pop rock band Newsboys’ track of the same name. The band and song are included in the film.

In God’s Not Dead – Sorbo plays a dogmatic and argumentative philosophy professor who requires his students to disavow the existence of God on the first day of class or face a failing grade. College freshman and devout Christian Josh Wheaton – played by Shane Harper – challenges him and fights for what he believes, the existence of God. Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with Kevin to talk about the film, his family, and his upcoming projects.

CBS:    In God’s Not Dead, you play a professor who wants his students to believe that God is dead. What drew you to this character?

KS:    I just loved the script.  It was a great part for me.  I am a Christian, but to play an atheist was interesting.  I am an actor and this is what we do – try on different hats, so to speak.  Since I have friends who are atheists and I have met college professors that are similar to the character I played it was easy to draw on those relationships.  The message in this movie was also of interest to me.  Hopefully it will make people think about life, God, and death.

CBS:    Was it a difficult or easy decision to take this part?

KS:    I didn’t have to think twice. It was a great script as well as a great part for me to play, and Pure Flix was the production company.  I have shot other movies with them, “What if…” being one of them. They put out top not productions.

CBS:    You’ve been known to be open about your religious and political views – have you had any discussions with your kids on the topics?

KS:    I don’t preach from the street, but if someone asks me about politics or religion I have no problem talking about it.  I love a good debate.  My kids are on top of their game when it comes to both topics.

CBS:    What was it like to work with the cast?

KS:    All of my scenes were really with two other actors: Shane Harper and Cory Oliver.  They are easy, professional, and fun.  We had great chemistry and great friction, in a positive way for our characters.

CBS:    The title is based on Christian band Newboys’ track of the same name. Have you heard of the song before you got the script?

KS:    I had heard the song.  Christian rock is amazing today and only getting stronger around the world.

CBS:    Tell us about your children Braedon, Shane and Octavia. What are their interests?

KS:    We home-school and we are fully active in our kids’ lives since they are with us all of the time.  They are involved in sports, music, and love the acting world.  God help me!

CBS:    Have you ever had discussions with them about God?

KS:    We attend church and Sunday school on a regular basis, so God has been a big part of my kids’ lives since birth.

CBS:    You have a lot of movies coming out. How do you balance fatherhood with your career?

KS:    As I said, we home school, so if I have to go off to a location to shoot, the family comes along.  It is a great way to be on the set and have them there with me.

CBS:    If we asked your kids what kind of a Dad you are, what would they tell us?

KS:    Fun.

CBS:    You and your wife, Sam, have been married since 1998, an eternity by Hollywood standards:). Do you still find ways to surprise each other? How do you prioritize your marriage amidst busy careers and family commitments?

KS:    We have the same problems other married people have, I am sure.  The kids certainly take up a lot of our time and we have an open door policy with them. They are welcome to come to us anytime of the day if they need us for anything.  I do joke that after 16 years in Hollywood it is a Silver Anniversary!  She is the brains of the family and certainly the stronger half in discipline.

CBS:    Do you still spend any time in Minnesota? Anything you miss about it (I bet not the Winters:)?

KS:    We go back to the Twin Cities for two weeks every summer.  My kids love it.  I still have great friends there from my childhood and we keep in touch. I do not miss the winters there.  Nope!

CBS:    What’s up next for you?

KS:    Been very busy.  I am currently shooting Mythica a tale of wizards and zombies and have wrapped up on a few other movies, The Coffee House, a comedy, Forgiven, and Gallows Road.  I will be shooting a Howie Klausner comedy, The Secret Handshake in Nashville in March.  Staying Busy!

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  • Chewbacca

    Yet another christian who thinks that being required to respect people from other faiths equals persecution. Separation of church and state is not persecution, it means our government represents all Americans equally.

    • Gemi

      I agree with your sentiment, but didn’t see where he said that in this interview.

  • Nikki

    That’s an overstatement and definitely not representative of all Christians. I don’t see anything in this interview that alludes to your sentiments.

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