Kim Fields: Having Quincy Was A Blessing

Kim Fields shares exclusive first photos of her 4-month-old son Quincy in the latest issue of Closer Weekly. The Facts of Life star and her husband Christopher Morgan welcomed her new arrival on December 3 after a C-section. The couple named him after music producer Quincy Jones.

Kim was surprised by her pregnancy after suffering two miscarriages. She said, “I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s a blessing. There was so much gratitude that he was here and healthy.”

The actress had believed she was perimenopausal and went to see the doctor after the urging of her husband.

“He thought I might be dehydrated, then I find out I’m two months pregnant! I was stunned out of my mind. We were both overjoyed.”

Quincy was born to his parents singing. With a special playlist on her iPad left in the hospital room, the pair sang a cappella.

“Turns out the anesthesiologist was totally into singing, so we were doing three-part harmonies and holding hands!” she laughed. “We were singing ‘Family’ from Dreamgirls when Quincy came out.”

Kim also shared that Quincy resembles his big brother, Sebastian. She joked, “They look a lot alike. Sebastian loves bragging about his little brother. He tells his teachers at school everything he does. He is Quincy’s publicist at this point.”

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Photo credit: Closer Weekly


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  1. candice

    Kim is virtually unchanged since her Facts of Life days, but that hair!!?? Weird.

  2. blair

    Kim’s hair is bizarre. Looked better styled as Tootie!

  3. Devon

    I keep getting taken to an amazon website selling a rubber duck when I click on the read more and comments button on the front page

  4. SiervaMaria

    Not a “glossy mag” buyer but, I think this one I want because I LOVE HER!

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