Kendra Wilkinson: “I’ve Always Wanted A Boy & A Girl”

Kendra on Top star Kendra Wilkinson is getting ready to welcome her second child – a daughter – with husband Hank Baskett. The expectant mama, 28, tells Celebrity Baby Scoop that she is “beyond excited” to welcome a girl to complete their family of two dogs and their 4-year-old sweet son, Lil’ Hank.

Kendra goes on to talk about her second pregnancy, which as been “completely, 100 percent different,” her ever-changing cravings, her hopes and dreams for her daughter, and how she’s preparing Lil’ Hank for big brotherhood.

As well, Celebrity Baby Scoop is thrilled to announce that Kendra will be guest blogging soon on all things pregnancy, motherhood and family life. Continue reading the interview, and stay tuned for her first guest blog…

CBS: Congratulations on your second pregnancy! How are you feeling these days?

KW: “I’m officially in my third trimester and it definitely feels that way! I’ve been taking Epson salt baths every night because of my ligament pain sciatica — so trying to hold everything up with a belly band. Pregnancy massages are definitely helping, too. And my temp is rising, so no need for blankets any longer.”

CBS: Has this been a different pregnancy than your first?

KW: “This pregnancy has been completely, 100 percent different than my first. This time around, I know what to expect and my mind is more relaxed. But, the difference is with this one, I have started nesting earlier than I did with Lil’ Hank. I feel more in control since we’re not living out of a suitcase and traveling around the country. And, instead of being snowed in, I’m taking full advantage of the sunshine and healthy food that is around me.”

CBS: Do you have any weird cravings this time around?

KW: “I feel like I got all of my pregnancy cravings out of the way in the beginning because I was only able to eat what my body wanted so I wouldn’t throw it up. Oranges and deviled eggs have definitely been my craving throughout the pregnancy. And just recently, for some reason, I been craving beer! Strange. I live in Calabasas and my favorite deviled eggs are in Beverly Hills, so I drive the distance to get them.

Actually, my craving happened more in the beginning and were really strong – I definitely knew what I didn’t want. Lil’ Hank loves chicken noodle soup, and at the beginning of the pregnancy I absolutely could not stand the smell! As the pregnancy has gone on, I’ve been noticing that I’m craving more sweets, which is not like me as I’m not generally a sweets person. I was doing pretty good with my cravings this trimester, but then Thin Mints knocked on my door — five minutes later they were gone [laughs].”

CBS: Are you excited about having a girl this time around?

KW: “I am beyond excited! We had another child so we could have a girl and balance out this house. I’m ready for the challenge and am excited to show her what life is all about.”

CBS: Have you always wanted a girl and a boy?

KW: “Yes! I’ve always wanted a boy and a girl. I think it’s a perfect balance. Now, it’s going to be 3 girls and 3 boys, including our dogs – the playing field is now even!”

CBS: What are you most looking forward to in having a daughter?

KW: “I’m looking forward to living life through her eyes and also giving her a childhood where she can explore and find who she is without any pressure from society. I definitely want her to be a mini-me, but also herself as well. Most of all, I can’t wait to see my little girl competing with the boys in sports — she’ll definitely be the winner in sports.”

CBS: What do you want to pass down and teach your daughter?

KW: “I want to make sure she respects life, animals and people and is not judgmental. I want her to be just like Lil’ Hank! I also want her to understand what’s real in the world and that it’s not about princesses and frogs. I want her to be able to hang and hold her own with the boys.”

CBS: When we recently spoke with Hank, he said you’re planning on a unisex name like Jayden and Taylor. What are your top favorite names so far?

KW: “We have a top five name list and every week the one in the number one spot changes. When we meet her, we’ll determine which name best fits her. But, we’re definitely going with a unisex name.”

CBS: We’ve loved your red carpet maternity style! How have you decided on which dress to go with? Does Hank and/or Little Hank give their input? How would you describe your everyday maternity style? Do you enjoy dressing your baby bump?

KW: “Thanks. In general, I’m a scrubby mom, but when it comes to going out with friends, dinner or red carpet events, I dress up the best I can. My goal is not to hide the bump, but embrace it and wear fitted dresses that hug my bump rather than hang on it.

I’m really short, so I can’t wear anything flowy; otherwise, I look like a big balloon. I want my arms covered and my belly form-fitted. This is my last time pregnant, so I want to go out looking like a winner.

I like color and pretty much anything that embraces my baby bump. And, yes, I always make sure Hank is my last opinion – he gives it to me straight.”

CBS: How are you preparing Little Hank for big brotherhood? 

KW: “The second we found out we were pregnant, that’s the moment Lil’ Hank knew. We don’t want to hide anything from him. Life is life and we want to take him along every positive emotion we have. We want him to be included in everything. I pretend to hear messages in my belly from the baby and then tell Lil’ Hank that she’s telling him. ‘I can’t wait to meet my brother,’  we share that with him so he feels a connection.

When I take him to the park, I watch him watch little babies so he can understand more. We ask him where the baby is going to sit at the dining table and he replies, ‘On my lap.” He prays for her every night and can’t wait to meet her.”

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  • Bijou

    I love your relaxed look during this pregnancy, no fuss, no muss. I cannot wait to see your birthing process on your tv show. Your son, Hank is without doubt the most beautiful celebrity kid I’ve ever seen. He is just stunningly beautiful.

  • dionne

    Pregnant, sweet kid, loving husband, public display of affection. I almost wanna weep, it’s so freaking beautiful.

  • Sammy

    I love this freaking family! So adorable and REAL. Keep it up Kendra!

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