Kate Winslet: “Nursing Is A Great Excuse To Eat Heaps”

Kate Winslet – who welcomed Bear on December 7 – is in no rush to lose her baby weight.

Speaking to E! News at a Divergent press junket – Winslet – who also has Mia, 13, and Joe, 10, said, “To be honest with you, after having a baby you end up being so busy with the baby and the nursing. And I have two other children as well obviously, so there’s so much going on that the difficulty I find is remembering that you have to eat. Because when you’re nursing you really have to eat, otherwise you don’t produce anything that’s going to feed your child. So nursing’s a great excuse to eat heaps. That’s what I’ve been doing.”

After Bear’s birth she had to go back to re-shoot scenes for the film.

“When Bear, my son, was 6 weeks old, they said, ‘We need you. We have a few days of reshoots to do.’ And I said, ‘Are you high?!’ Like, how am I going to do this? But somehow you do. You just make it work.”

On set she would “feed and shoot and nurse” on rotation.

She said, “There’s actually something empowering about going, ‘Hey, I can do this! I can do all of this!'”

However getting back into her Divergent costumes wasn’t so smooth.

She joked, “Getting into the costume again was a little bit like squeezing a sausage into a thimble! I had just had a baby! It just doesn’t feel right. Your body is very soft.”

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  • SiervaMaria

    Breast feeding has many many pluses. None guaranteed but close to it: good birth control (remember, not guaranteed), faster weight loss (while consuming “heaps”…..but that doesn’t mean burgers and fries 24/7), less colds (at least in my family), convenience, convenience, convenience!

  • Anonymous

    Kate has never looked like she forgot to eat.

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