Miranda Kerr & Flynn: Dinner Duo

Miranda Kerr and her son Flynn, 3, held hands as they headed to dinner in New York City on Wednesday (March 26).Wearing a yellow hat and green jacket – Flynn made cute faces while leaving the building.

The Australian model has said she wants to explore her bisexual feelings. She told British GQ, “I appreciate both men and women. I want to explore. Never say never.”

She also said she’s not as toned right now. She explained, “One thing I’ve noticed is now that I’m having less sex my body isn’t as toned. The more sex I have, the more defined my arms and stomach get.

“Orlando and I always had great chemistry. One-night stands aren’t my thing. I made Orlando wait for six months until I even kissed him.”

In his interview with Britain’s The Times Magazine – Orlando Bloom spoke of his love for Kerr.

He said, “It’s ever evolving, but I’ve said to her, “We’re going to be in each other’s lives for the rest of our lives and we have a child, so it’s important to me that we respect each other as we always have and that Flynn feels that and understands that. There’s a deep love between us.”

He added, “‘I’ve lived a very nomadic life, which I enjoy. But now that I have my son it gets a lot more serious – I want to be in his life and have as much input and influence on his life as I can.”

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  1. cb

    shouldnt this be listed under tmi ? no one cares about her sex life and what she wants to explore. she must not be getting enough publicity since she ditched orlando.

  2. Chrissy

    I’m starting to dislike her more and more.

  3. Jane

    who cares about her persona sexuall preferences! She should just concentrate on being a good mom!

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