Prince William & Kate Middleton’s New Family Photo

Proud parents Kate Middleton and Prince William released a new family photo with their son Prince George on Saturday, March 29. This is the first shot we’ve seen of their 8-month-old baby since his christening back in October 2013.

The latest photo – released just ahead of their Australian/New Zealand tour – shows the Duke, 31, and the Duchess, 32, sitting at the windowsill at their home, Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace, with their son.

The royal mum holds onto her boy as he peers at their dog Lupo, which Prince William has his arm wrapped around. Prince George looks adorable with his much longer locks while donning a cashmere sweater with “George” written across the front of it, made by the Scotland-based Johnstons of Elgin.

Middleton looked lovely in a chic beige long-sleeve top with her famous brunette locks cascading past her shoulders. Meanwhile, Prince William kept it casual in a rolled-up light blue shirt.

The family moment was captured by celebrity photographer Jason Bell, who was also on hand for Prince George’s christening. Bell took four official portraits — and a surprise fifth released three days later — of the family and their immediate relatives.

The royal family-of-three are set to tour Australia and New Zealand in April. The royal tot’s new nanny, Maria Teresa Borrallo, will also attend.

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Photo credit: Jason Bell/Camera Press/Redux

  • Ella

    I am no fan of the British royal family but that is one cute photo. The dog looks a bit scared though. Maybe George is just a bit too rough with the animal? I hope they keep a close eye on how the baby and the dog interact.

    • jool

      No. They probably let the futur king of England alone in a room with the dog. Duh!

      • Ella

        George is not the future king of “England”, he’s the fire king of Britain! Next time you leave a smart ass comment you might wanna get your facts straight. Britain/The UK is not England alone. Geez, no wonder Scotland wants independence. The pure ignorance of some people. And you know as well as I do that leaving the baby alone with the dog is not what I meant.

        • Ella

          *future, not fire lol

  • Christie

    Very cute, but I’m not that comfortable with baby’s face near the dog.

  • Bink

    I just want to see the little cutie’s face straight on. : )

  • beetee

    Does the dog have to be in every family photo for goodness sake. Cute photo though.

  • Dan McCullough

    Why do the English have to be so “crass” about everything?

  • Siisele

    You have nothing to worry about the baby spends more time with The dog than he does with his parents! And the nanny that is,probably how to get him to smile!
    You can tell that George and the dog are best pals! They have a great selection of photos of Charles and Margaret at the window with Elizabeth and Phillip,

  • Jane

    Beautiful family!


    Big deal. Seriously – they took what, almost half a year to release ONE photo, and it just shows the side of George’s face ? Oh, Willy and Waity are playing games again.

    Their attitude is boring —– they are not warm, inviting people. Their tax payers fund their lifestyle as well as George’s, but they play around, wait half a year and then reveal THIS ?
    LOL. It’s like they are thumbing their noses at people. Wake up. They haven’t done anything all year either.

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