A List Of Girl Scout Badges We Wish Existed

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To quote Amy Sedaris, “I am an aging Girl Scout.” I can still remember earning Girl Scout badges as a Brownie growing up in New Jersey. I looked forward to our troop meetings and activities and looked up to the older Girl Scouts and all the “bling” they wore on their sashes, and I couldn’t wait to earn more badges for my achievements.

The Girl Scouts were created by Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low in Georgia in 1912. The woman was on a mission to empower girls with physical, mental, and spiritual growth that would serve them for the rest of their lives. From the beginning, girls were given the opportunity to complete tasks in order to master concepts and skills, earning badges for their work. In the beginning, there were 25 possible badges. Today, there are hundreds (along with the Make Your Own Badge, allowed once per year), for which a Girl Scout can create her own steps for mastery and complete her own program.

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