Trista Sutter: “We Have A Strong Family Bond”

Trista Sutter has had an eventful year so far. She renewed her wedding vows to her husband Ryan in January which resulted in an ABC primetime special – and she released her new book Happily Ever After, The Life Changing Power of a Grateful Heart.

This spring the mom of two has partnered with Colgate to help spread the word about the Champions for Kids SIMPLE Giving campaign. Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with The Bacherlorette alum to talk about her involvement and what life is currently like raising her children Max and Blakesly.

CBS: Could you tell us about your partnership with Colgate’s Champions for Kids SIMPLE Giving Campaign through Walmart? How and why did you want to be involved?

TS: “I’d be happy to. I got involved because I’m a former pediatric physical therapist and
a mom-of-two, so children’s health has always been a priority to me. Colgate is partnering with Champions for Kids and I am partnering with both of them to help raise attention and awareness around a cause that’s extremely common, but very preventable. I’m excited about giving back and being a part of raising awareness for this issue.

Colgate will donate $100,000 worth of oral care products to school districts and kids in
need who don’t normally have access to proper dental care or dental products. It was
interesting to find out that nearly 51 million school hours are missed each year because
students don’t have access to proper dental products to take care of dental health.
We want to encourage people to get behind the initiative as well by shopping at
the Walmart stores listed on our website at
Shoppers can purchase toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other oral care products that
will be donated to school districts across Walmart’s Central Business Unit. I am excited
about putting a happy bright smile on every student’s face.”

CBS: Kids in the US miss more than 51 million hours of school due to dental
related issues. How will this program help impact kids’ dental health and reduce that number?

TS: “Providing kids with dental products will hopefully reduce the school hours missed
due to dental related illnesses. Many low-income communities don’t have the funds to
buy toothpaste; so we’re putting that in their hands. We hope that people will support
this effort and get more oral care products into the hands of kids who really need them.”

CBS: As a mom of two young children, how important is it to teach kids good oral hygiene habits?

TS: “Oh gosh, it’s so important. The statistics about how tooth decay and dental related
illness play in kids missing school speak volumes. Kids shouldn’t have to deal with
health issues that are so easily preventable. As parents, we try to be great role models for our kids. We take them to the dentist at least twice a year. We have a great dentist so they are excited about going. We also try to encourage them and get them excited about their oral care.

My kids love shopping for things in the toothpaste aisle, which is what they call it. They
like picking out toothpaste. We bought three different kinds of toothpaste for Blakesly
in the past two weeks! They get really excited about it. It’s not a normal thing, but when
they are ready for a new tube, I’m excited to buy them something that is not incredibly
expensive and is also really important to their dental health.”

CBS: What advice can you give to moms whose kids hate brushing their teeth?

TS: “All of these things I just talked about. It’s important to find a great dentist, be
positive about the dental experience, and be a great role model by brushing your teeth
in front of them and by teaching them how brush properly. Most importantly, get them
excited by getting them involved in their dental care choices.”

CBS: What are Max and Blakesly looking forward to doing this summer?

TS: “I’ve signed them up for lots of little summer camps. Max will go to basketball camp
and also attend a camp called Camp Invention, where they focus on science related
stuff. Blakesly will go to dance camp and she is also looking forward to going to fairy
camp, where they build tiny fairy houses by one of our local rivers. They’re really excited
to do all of those things.”

CBS: What kinds of things do you like to do as a family over Spring Break?

TS: “Well, this year we will travel to California to be a part of our niece’s baby dedication
ceremony. We get travel and spend time with family who are coming from Germany, so
I’m really looking forward to it.”

CBS: Your family seems like you all have such a strong bond with one
another. Is that something you work at?

TS: “Oh gosh, yeah. Spending quality time together is important to us. I make a point to
ensure my kids know they are a priority in my life and that my husband is a priority in my
life. My relationship with Ryan is the foundation of our family. So, yeah, we do have a
strong family bond, but it takes effort and time to create it.”

CBS: You recently renewed your vows to celebrate your 10th wedding
anniversary. How meaningful was that ceremony to you?

TS: “It was so incredibly meaningful and it was wonderful to be able share it with our
kids. What you didn’t see on TV was that we included them in our vows. We vowed to
always have fun together and always be there for each other. That was special. It was
also wonderful to share it with friends and family who have been with us for the past 10
years. I know it was on television, but it was very intimate ceremony and I’m glad we
did it.”

CBS: How did becoming a mom change your relationship with Ryan?

TS: “Well, number one, it has decreased the amount of time I can spend with him.
That’s because our kids demand a little bit more time from each of us. So, it’s changed
in that way. But, honestly, our relationship has grown so much; I respect him so much
more because he is such a wonderful father. Our relationship continues to thrive
because we bond over our children and we both respect each other as parents.”

CBS: Mother’s Day is just around the corner. What is your favorite way to spend the day?

TS: “This year, my favorite way will be watching my daughter at her first dance recital
over Mother’s Day weekend. I can’t wait. She is so proud of her dance class and what
she’s able to do and she just thoroughly loves it.

We have an event called ‘Dance TV’ through the Vail International Dance Festival.
Each year they teach master classes with some of the people from So You Think You
Can Dance. Allison Holker, Twitch, and Alice Long were there one year and we took
a class. She turned to me and said, ‘Mommy when is everyone else going to leave
because I want the stage.’ [laughs] It is in her bones–she wants to perform and she
wants to dance. I’m so excited to see her at her first recital!”

CBS: What kind of feedback have you gotten on your book, Happily Ever After? What have your readers found most helpful?

TS: “I’ve gotten great feedback! People are really embracing it, reaching out to me on
social media, and thanking me. They have shared how my book has helped them get
through really difficult times in their lives, like losing a job or coping with the death of a
loved one. Honestly, if it touched just one person, then it means it was a success. So
to me, it was a success.”

CBS: Do you have any plans to start a second book?

TS: “Not yet. No. I’m just trying to keep my head above water with everything going on
in my life right now.”

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