Tori Spelling & Her Shopping Buddies

Mom-of-four Tori Spelling stepped out with her older kids – son Liam, 7, and daughter Stella, 5 – on Thursday (April 3). The trio were seen stocking up on party supplies at Absolute Party Store in Reseda, Calif.

Earlier today, the actress, 40, posted some vintage #TBT photos on her website, paying homage to her days on the classic teen drama, Beverly Hills, 90210.

“I’m SO excited about the upcoming premiere of Mystery Girls on ABC Family (save the date for June 25th!), that I wanted to share some throwback pics of me and my dear friend and co-star Jennie Garth,” Tori captioned the cute snapshots. “Let’s take a little trip down memory lane.”

She added: “To watch a sneak peek of Mystery Girls click HERE, and set those DVRs for June 25th at 8:30/7:30c on ABC Family.”

And this isn’t the only television show she’s working on.

Amid ongoing speculation about her troubled marriage to Dean McDermott, the actress has signed on to star in another reality show, the upcoming Lifetime docu-series True Tori, premiering Tuesday, April 22.

The show, which begins filming this week, will “document the couple in almost real-time as the navigate the unknown road ahead, beginning when Dean leaves treatment,” Us reports,

McDermott, 47, entered rehab in January, after he allegedly cheated on Spelling, his wife of seven years.

Said to be a “unique television event,” the show will “allow the audience to witness the most difficult and unpredictable period in [Tori’s] life.” The press release says, “only time will tell if Tori and Dean’s marriage survives.”

The troubled couple are also parents to daughter Hattie, 2, and 1-year-old son Finn.

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  • News Hound

    Anything for a buck, eh Tori? Put your kids on a Lifetime reality show exposing every aspect of your life. Where’s the law that protects your children from you?

  • Jane

    This woman is truly pathetic! She will do anything for money! Anything!

  • Anonymous

    What celebrity baby scoop fails to mention is that little trip to the party store was being filmed for Tori’s reality TV show she is doing to humiliate Dean, you know, the father of those kids! Nothing like using your kids to publicize what a creep their father is! Tori is horrendous and a TERRIBLE Mother! Celebrity baby scoop should stop perpetuating Tori’s fame wh***ing!

    • Anonymous

      She not doing it to humiliate Dean they are both in on it. Tori already taking about having their wedding vows renewed and guess where they are going to be doing it that right on TV for their new show.

      The whole thing was a publicity stunt to get them a new show and it work.

  • Megs

    That is really sad:( She is documenting the crumbling of her marriage? Why on earth would you want to document that and share it with the world?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know where anonymous 10:00am gets her information, but all the other reports claim Dean was not interested in doing this show. Why would he want to be in a show that highlights what a lying, cheating, creep he is and how badly he hurt his family? He stands to lose everything especially his marketability in media ( and he didnt have much to begin with). Most importantly, this show will be So Humiliating for Jack now and T & D”s young children when they get older! Tori is too self centered to understand that! She is a horrible mother!

  • Anonymous

    BTW Tori, if you are going to subject your children to having cameras in Their faces, brush their hair! And stop bleaching yours white while you are at it!

  • Kelly

    I love how she wants to make herself the victim did she forget she did the something to her Ex husband and she got with Dean when he was still married and had kids with someone else? Then talk trash about his wife on TV?

  • Anonymous

    Tori: If a man will cheat WITH you, he WILL cheat ON you too! No one with any class sympathizes with you. You WILLINGLY and CONSCIUOSLY broke up a marriage and foolishly thought that marrying and having several children with your cheater would change things. Instead, you inherited a moral-less man that BELIEVES that he does NOT have to be sexually faithful to you. Tori, this is your bad karma for being such a heartless b1tch. How does it feel to know that Dean is ONLY sticking around for the paycheck and NOT because he loves you?

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