Emily Blunt’s Baby Bump Photo Shoot

Golden Globe-winning actress Emily Blunt says that entering motherhood is her greatest accomplishment. Just before welcoming daughter Hazel, now 7 weeks, with husband John Krasinski, the Devil Wears Prada actress, 31, opened up to Vogue about the joys of pregnancy.

Prior to her daughter’s birth on February 16, the actress posed for a baby bump photo shoot, looking stunning in a Commando V-neck slip.

“It’s really the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me,” she said of impending motherhood.

She added: “I feel good, although I do wake up feeling like my grandmother. I sleep with a fortress of pillows around me. I’ve got one of those huge C-shaped ones. My husband calls it Gary.”

When Blunt was filming Into the Woods (co-starring Johnny Depp, Chris Pine and Meryl Streep), her baby bump was barely becoming visible.

“I’m playing a baker’s wife, so I figured she must eat a lot of buns,” she said. “By the end I was doing a lot of creeping behind trees and hiding behind other characters.”

As for her pregnancy cravings, the actress allowed herself “one coffee a day” and enjoyed gluten-free cookies.

“I know everyone rolls their eyes, but I met a hippie doctor who suggested it, and it’s really helped me in the pregnancy,” she said. The star said she took a “non-fuss, non-intense” approach to pregnancy. “Everyone says don’t go online and read as few books as you possibly can.”

To prepare for her role opposite Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow, Blunt underwent three months of Krav Maga martial-arts training and took gymnastics lessons before sporting an 85-pound costume with assault weapons built onto the arms and legs, held together by a steel plate. “I looked like an aerobics teacher by the end of it,” she said of the rigorous film shoot. “It was almost unattractive.”

She added: “I understand what it takes to get in that kind of shape. And when I got pregnant, not long after I finished the movie, it helped me to keep active.”

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Photo credit: Vogue

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