Kevin Federline Welcomes Baby No. 6: A Girl

Congratulations to Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince.

The former backup dancer, 36, and his volleyball pro-turned-special education teacher wife welcomed their second daughter – his sixth child – Federline announced via Instagram.

The proud papa announced his daughter’s birth by posting a photo of an “It’s a Girl!” wagon filled with flowers.

“Words cannot express the joy my children bring me,” he writes. “We are very excited to welcome the newest member of our family. I love you with all my heart [Victoria]. #thefedz #sixthman I mean #sixthwoman.”

No further information has been announced at this time.

The couple are also parents to daughter Jordan Kay, 2½.

Federline is also dad to sons Jayden Jaymes, 7½, and Sean Preston, 8½, with ex-wife, pop star Britney Spears. He and ex-girlfriend, actress Shar Jackson, are also parents to son Kaleb, 9½, and daughter Kori, 13.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Anonymous

    Ok, now go get your vasectomy which is long overdue.

    • Whoever

      How many children this man has is none of your business. Do you think it would be okay if *I* told *you* that you couldn’t have anymore children? How rude!

      • JesicaR

        it’s not that- it’s that he is a talentless jobless slob who is famous for being with britney spears.He has multiple kids with multiple women and pretty much lives off alimony from britney spears- that’s kind of sick and wrong

  • Anonymous

    Six children, and >>>>0<<<< jobs! Special Ed must pay a lot. Brit-brit had better keep shaking her arse across those stages. The Federline spawns gotsta eat!

    • serena

      Agree. He is supporting ALL of his children plus his new wife with Britney’s supporting money. That is not right, he needs to get a job!
      Anyway congratulations, at least he seems like a hands on, great dad.

  • Anonymous

    @whoever, you’re a complete idiot. For this POS to keep knocking women up with NO job and living off of Britney’s money, he needs a vasectomy. You obviously have no morals, class etc.

  • Zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    He averages 2 kids per woman. So if everything goes as planned, this relationship should be over by next year.

  • Jane

    Does this guy even work? I can’t imagine what kind of a woman would be with this loser!

  • Joey

    He hasn’t worked since he was a backup dancer for Britney 10 years ago. He’s always got that stupid smile on his face but I guess if I had 6 kids and didn’t have to work I’d smile too.

    • amanda

      He has done some reality tv, specifically weight loss shows. You would think he would try to do something with Britney’s money like open up a dance studio or something. Eventually the boys will be 18 and the money will stop coming. For me it’s like what kind of woman would find a man attractive who doesn’t have something going for himself. Victoria is just as disgusting as he is by living off Britney’s money, because she doesn’t work either.

  • Zzz

    Amanda, you’re right. She’s just as much an idiot as he is. Why would any woman want him??? 2 kids from this girl, 2 from this girl and no job. I wouldn’t walk, I’d run!

  • Whoever

    Do you people have access to his W-2s or something? How on earth do you know what he does or doesn’t do? You all act like you have some inside track on how he pays his bills. Geez, you’d think he knocked YOU up with all of your ranting.

  • Victoria

    What do women see in him??

  • Victoria

    What do women see in him??

  • v-girl

    castrate him already

  • Anonymous

    for the love of god PLEASE STOP BREEDING !!!

  • JesicaR

    stop having kids you talentless slob and stop supporting them using britney’s $$$- how pathetic

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