Jerry O’Connell & Rebecca Romijn’s Giggly Girls

Hollywood couple Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn stepped out with their 5-year-old twin daughters Dolly (red pants) and Charlie on Saturday (April 5). The famous family were all smiles while taking an afternoon stroll in Calabasas, Calif.

The day before, the actor, 40, took his daughters for a treat at Baskin Robbins. This seems to be a favorite spot for the adorable trio.

When it comes to parenthood, the model mom, 41, says it’s all about teamwork.

“We’re each other’s assistants,” she said of her hands-on hubby. “We pick up each other’s slack.”

She added: “Whoever is less busy helps the busier one: ‘Can you go pick this up for me?’ or ‘Can you book my flight?’ That’s what real life is. Once you start paying somebody else to do the grunt work, who are you?”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    Jerry’s legs are skinner than hers. LOL

  2. heather

    Men don’t have hips like women do.

  3. JesicaR

    the one in the red pants seems a bit out of shape lol

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