Peaches Geldof Dies at 25

Tragic news out of England today.

Mother-of-two Peaches Geldof, a British model, writer and TV personality and the daughter of rocker Sir Bob Geldof, has died at the age of 25.

“We are beyond pain,” Bob Geldof told BBC Monday. “She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us.” The grieving father added: “What a beautiful child. How is this possible that we will not see her again? How is that bearable?”

Reportedly, police found her inside a home in Kent, England.

“At this stage, the death is being treated as unexplained and sudden,” Kent Police stated.

Peaches’ mother, Paula Yates, died of a drug overdose in 2000.

“I did experiment with drugs, I did get drunk and go to parties, but I was never that wild,” Peaches told ELLE in 2013. “I could have been, I could have let myself spiral but all the time I remembered what happened to my mum.”

“I remember the day my mother died, and it’s still hard to talk about it,” she added. “I just blocked it out. I went to school the next day because my father’s mentality was ‘keep calm and carry on.’ I didn’t start grieving for my mother properly until I was maybe 16.”

Oddly, Peaches posted a photo with her mother via Instagram on Sunday. “My and my mum,” she captioned the image just hours before her death.

Peaches is survived by her husband, musician Thomas Cohen, and their two sons, Astala, 2 this month, and Phaedra, 1 this month.

The late model posted the following Instagram image just five days ago.

Our deepest condolences go out to the Geldof-Cohen family.

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  1. AvaElizabeth

    🙁 almost can’t believe it.
    poor little boys.
    poor family.

  2. Kelly

    Sad news. On her Instagram she made post about how excited about Easter and her kids birthdays coming up.

  3. Lou

    Such sad and unexpected news. I’m so upset for Thomas and their boys, Peaches was a devoted and loving mother, and it was plain to see how much she doted on her sons and family.
    RIP Peaches (i honestly can’t believe i’m saying that)

  4. Didi

    I’m shocked!those poor little boys orphan of their lovely amazing mom.
    Rest in peace kind soul, you were born to be a mother, and your little boys will be told every single day how caring you were and how much you loved them.

  5. Sophia

    Such horrible horrible news 🙁 This family has already suffered so much loss. I am so sad for her two sweet boys and husband. It was so apparent that she loved them madly and that they all made each other so happy. RIP beautiful woman. Love and light to the whole Cohen-Geldof family x

  6. Isabel

    So tragic. She was bound and determined to give her sons the stability she never had growing up and seemed to put her all into being the best mother possible. My heart breaks for those poor little boys.

  7. RIP beautiful girl and wonderful mother!

  8. Imagine a celebrity mum of two toddlers died like that. 😮

  9. italian girl

    By her last word jus few days ago you can fee her sadness deep in her heart. Perhaps she has never accepted he mother’s death…

    But now I keep on thinking about her little boys whose mummy has disappeared and they will never see her again… Such a traumatic loss for every kid.
    Hope she will protect them as an angel.

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