Happy 8th Birthday Moses Martin

Name: Moses Bruce Anthony Martin

Parents: Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

Date of Birth: April 8 2006

Siblings: Apple, 9


♥ Moses was born in New York City at Mount Sinai Hospital

♥ He was born via scheduled c-section (rumor has it Gwyneth was in labor with Apple for 3 days and didn’t want to go through it again so she opted for a c-section with Moses)

♥ His first name was explained as the song titled Moses that Chris wrote for Gwyneth before their wedding

♥ His middle names are believed to honor of his grandfathers Bruce and Anthony (Bruce is Gwyneth’s dad and Anthony is Chris’ dad) but this is unconfirmed

♥ His father is the lead singer of the band Coldplay

♥ His mother spent a lot of time in Spain as a teenager – dubbing the country her second home –  and after learning the language, encourages her children to speak only Spanish

♥ Moses typically splits his time between his homes in New York City and London, England (where his dad is from) but often heads over to visit his maternal grandmother actress Blythe Danner in Los Angeles, Calif.

♥ Gwyneth has stated that both of her children have expressed interest in music but not acting

♥ His parent shocked the nation on March 25th when they announced that they would be “consciously uncoupling”


“My son would like to be more like Uncle Jay (Z). He asked me the other day how he could look more like Uncle Jay. I said I would have to think about it. My son is an amazing hip-hop little guy—you can’t believe it,” the proud mom added. ”I got a note from his teacher the other day. She said, ‘Dear Mrs. Martin, I would just like to tell you that all the children sang me ‘Happy Birthday’ today, and afterwards, Moses did a spontaneous rap that was actually brilliant.” – Gwyneth on her son’s budding musical abilities.

“Moses speaks a little bit, but understands everything. Apple speaks a lot.” – Gwyneth on her children’s abilities to speak and understand Spanish.

“Well, I think he’s the man to live up to it! When we were pregnant with Apple, if she was a boy, she would’ve been named Moses. We just always had the name…Moses to me is just such an amazing name. Plus, he was born on the holiest Sabbath of the year, which is the Saturday before Passover. And he was born at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York…And it was my father’s Hebrew name.” – Gwyneth on her reasoning behind naming her son Moses.

“My son has decided sleep is just not for him, really, so I don’t sleep…he just talks and goes back to sleep but I wake up and then I can’t go back to sleep. I need so much caffeine at this point in my life.” – Gwyneth on her son’s sleeping habits.

“No McDonald’s. Never. Over my dead body!” – Gwyneth on her fast food philosophy.

“I’ve learned so much from being a mom about the kind of person I want to be, the kind of woman I want to be. Motherhood has taught me mindfulness. If you just parent on instinct, you’ll screw your kid up for life. You have to be so mindful.” – Gwyneth on motherhood.

“It’s made it more focused and you have a purpose. I like what it does. Just the idea of having to work hard so your kids are okay.” – papa Chris on fatherhood.

“Looking at Moses makes me want to have another one, he is sooo gorgeous!” – Gwyneth on her handsome son.

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