Bruce Willis: Beach Stroll With Mabel

Bruce Willis, Emma Heming and their daughter Mabel enjoyed a day at the Santa Monica Pier on Friday (April 4). While strolling on the beach the actor gave his 2-year-old a kiss. Mabel was also treated to a carousel ride.

The couple later attended the launch of 20-year-old Tallulah’s fashion blog The Clothing Coven at the Elodie K. boutique in West Hollywood. Rumer, 25, was photographed arriving to the party.

Emma – who is expecting their second child – told People, “I have a built-in stylist at home. Lulah comes to my closet and [cleans] it out in five minutes: ‘You need this; you don’t need that; put that with this.’ I always ask her opinion about most of my outfits.”

Demi Moore didn’t not show up to to the event. Rumer told the mag that their mother was having a quiet night at home while Scout, 22, said, “She couldn’t make it, I guess.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. SiervaMaria

    What a pretty baby! Bruce isn’t a fav of mine but I’ve always thought him an awesome dad. Also I’ve wondered if he and Demi’s split was more her. He then as now, seemed in his element as a family man.

  2. Siisele

    Bruce did not go to Tullah’s bog party that is a way to put Demi Moore even Rumer said that the older children do not see their dad! Whomdo the blogs do that. Why can’t Bruce have a loving pix of his youngest daughter! And not put in the ex files
    Demi has to be on this and Ashton and Mila too. Reese never has her ex Ryan in her publicity ..

    • Anonymous

      The older kids do see their dad Tallulah was living with Bruce for awhile I don’t know if she still does and she and her sisters have been photograph with him many times over the last two years plus.

      Now nether of she or Rumer seem to have a relationship with Demi in the last two years. I can see why on Rumer part when your mom starts publicly dating your ex and friends it doesn’t make for a good relationship.

  3. Siisele

    Too bad he did nit name his daughter Demi after all he has to have her in his press for life ,AKA Demi and Bruce broke up along time ago! She was married to Ashton who by the way is having a baby too, so guess they will be in Demi, comment page! When all this is photos of Mabel and her dad .. But no Demi, is not related to the
    Child thanks Celbrity baby scoop .. For not doing that !

  4. truedat

    These 2 look like strangers who happen to share children. When he was with Demi they were so romantic together always walking close and you could almost feel the hotness between them. These two have no chemistry. And Emma always looks so thrilled to be with him.(sarcasm).

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