Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Family Attend Safe Kids Day

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, his wife Catriona McGinn, Michael Charles, 10, Ava Lorenn, 7½, and Dekker Edward, 6 months, attended the Safe Kids Day event in West Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday (April 5). Garcelle Beauvais also was in attendance.

On the red carpet the Franklin & Bash actor joked, “They still hate each other, but they love the baby, so all the love now goes to Dekker.”

The 40-year-old added that the goal of a busy week is often “just having dinner … as a unit.”

“One of the activities that we do is we play golf together — it’s something that we like to do. We pick one day to have fun between the kids’ soccer and gymnastics.”

Gosselaar also shared to People that they document their developments.

“The minute Dekker sat up and Michael goes to bed without a nightlight [and] Ava loses her tooth — there’s literally milestones every single day with children,” he explained. “We write it down in a journal every once in awhile. Anytime the kids say a funny quote, we write it down … and then we read  them out loud. It just shows how the time progressed.”

Michael and Ava’s mother is Gosselaar’s first wife Lisa Ann Russell.

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  • Anonymous

    Michael and Ava are not THEIR children, they are HIS children from his first wife.

    • amanda

      You don’t know their relationship, they call their stepfather Jeff Probst, Dad. So maybe they call Catriona, Mom. When Jeff still had his talk show he told a story about the kids wanting to call him dad, and they do. Maybe, Mark and his X aren’t possessive over titles, and approve of the others new spouse.

      • Whoever

        Agreed. There are worse things for kids to have then four adults vying to be their parents! 🙂

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