Guess Who Revealed: Jamie Foxx & Daughter

It’s Jamie Foxx and his youngest daughter!

The Academy Award-winning actor, 46, and his 4-year-old daughter Annalise were spotted at Los Angeles International Airport last week. While keeping a low profile in a hoodie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star pushed his pretty preschooler on the luggage cart.

The Rio 2 star is also dad to 20-year-old daughter Corrine.

Born to the name Eric Marlon Bishop, the Django Unchained actor was left in the care of his mother’s foster parents when he was 7-months-old.

Foxx is now trying to reconnect with his biological parents and has even moved his mother, Louise, into his home.

He tells Britain’s The Sunday Times about the experience.

“We’re trying to learn (about) each other,” Foxx shared. “The one thing I think is great is she’s in the same house, because you realize certain things that you missed when you were growing up, like, ‘Oh, I do that because of that,’ or, ‘Oh, I do this because of that.’ It’s profound.”

Attempts to reconcile with his father, who has since converted to Islam, has been a bit more difficult.

“Fingers crossed, it will become a real thing,” Foxx said. “But the door is open. That’s one thing I’ve learnt: always keep the door and your heart open… I don’t hold a lot of grudges… But it’s tough, y’know (sic)? Because there are questions, like, ‘What happened? Where were you? Were you stricken with something? Could you not make it?’ Growing up, I would always go, man… I’m a good dude. I wasn’t the kid getting in trouble. I was quarterback on the high school football team. And he only lived 28 miles away! So I always said to myself, y’know (sic), I’m gonna (sic) grade him a little harder for that, because he could have tried.”

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  • savannah

    Jamie foxx daughter Anelise.

    • Denise

      ooooo it could be?

    • Gemi

      Looks like her, but this girl looks a bit younger than Annalise who is now six.

  • savannah


  • melissa angel smith

    Nahla (Halle Berrys’ daughter)

    • Anonymous

      REALLY! Nahla?! REALLY?! You are both blind as well as ignorant about genetics.

      • jool

        That’s a lot of rage for a stupid guessing game 😉

        • Anonymous

          And you’re obviously ignorant as to what constitutes as rage.

  • Joey

    It’s definitely not Nahla.

  • B

    Robert De Niro’s daughter Helen Grace?

  • Denise

    I think it’s Beyounce daughter.

  • Sophia

    Maybe Olivia Allen?

  • Courtney

    Haven Garner Or Olivia Allen

  • Susan

    It´s definitely Tallulah Dash!

    • Gemi

      She has green eyes and is much older.

  • Gemi

    Definitely Olivia Rose Allen. She has an older sister, Chloe.

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